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Zakke10 suggests shoot to kill.

Discussion in 'Questions' started by Zakke01, May 29, 2020.

  1. Zakke01

    Zakke01 Newcomer

    May 23, 2020
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    I suggest shoot to kill for the gamemode to keep the fluency of roleplay. Most of us already like to punch each other and often of times these punches are not even reacted upon. Even by the most mundane of roleplayers.

    Shoot to kill is easy to manage rule wise and is often factual to the scenario. If you managed to hit someone, you did hit someone. With developer resources can this experience be artificially modified to drag out the experience further, for example by having inaccurate weapons or dull knock out mechanics to preserve room for the loser to roleplay his moments before death.

    The reason why s2m became a thing in the past, refering to clockwork, was to drag out on the action that was the climax of most roleplay scenarios. Firefights are fun as they are rare.

    My point here being is that draging out firefights can be completed by adjusting the gamemode's weapon mechanics into preference.

    Shoot to kill is straight to the point which is an easy to understand concept of firefighting which new players can adapt well to. It also is a way to encourage conflict where people can use their resources as intended instead of having to suffer from rule barriers that can drag them into ooc and back into ic which ruins the immersion of roleplay.

    In a previous S2RP / S2K guide was it demonstrated that you are allowed to S2K someone if you, as a cp, think that someone behind you are about to react upon you which is then shrugged off as something "rude" but you never knew the guys intentions.

    I am not much fond of putting attackers in disadvantages through rule barriers, as that's a direct way of getting rid of indesirable players, which in this instance is surprise attacking rebels on cps permakilled.

    All firefights should follow the same format so everyone is prepared rulewise before it clutters into conflict which can ensue into "ooc drama" which is not fun for anyone but those outside of it.

    Thank you for reading my suggestion.
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