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Zakke02 suggests increasing license prices and lowering import prices

Discussion in 'Questions' started by Zakke01, May 29, 2020.

  1. Zakke01

    Zakke01 Newcomer

    May 23, 2020
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    You earn about 25 credits / h.

    The cheapest vendor price costs 150 credits however cheapest shipments cost 50 credits.

    It takes only 6 hours to unlock first permit, which you can get by collecting a ration and playing 2 csgo games 3 times which in total only requires around 15 minutes on playing on the server.

    Once you've unlocked the license are the prices already sky. 5 paper for instance for 50 credits. That means that you need to charge over 10 credits for only a piece of paper to gain any profit at all.

    We need disctinction of business rp from consumer rp, as at the current is it not worth your time, unless you're a 24/7 sweat. To sell items above the price of a license. It's too easy to get a business which brings competition prices to low profit but remain high due to the high import costs.

    If we lower import costs and higher license costs will there be less businesses, though the businesses will a heftier profit. With this excess profit will they be able to recycle the money into roleplay encouraging projects.

    In comprehension, profits are too slim due to easy accessible licenses and the import prices are too high to gain any profit.

    Thank you for reading my suggestion.
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