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Why are we not playing on server

Discussion in 'HL2RP Discussion' started by Kami, Jul 21, 2020.

  1. Kami

    Kami Minge

    Oct 7, 2017
    Toronto, Canada
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    This fresh, highly anticipated update that we waited so long for finally came out. Presenting us with a new map, the factory/warehouse system and many more brand new features. We had like 30-40 player average for roughly a week and now we're at like 10 max. Why? What suddenly caused everyone to stop playing? Is it the fact that any slight chance of a rebellion is instantly taken down by the CCA, making it literally impossible for the rebels to go forward with anything? Is it the huge CCA overhaul that's made things confusing for some people and they've lost interest? Those two aforementioned things are not necessarily my opinions, but opinions that I have heard while talking to others. Please, post down below what's made you stop playing or what you think might be stopping players from joining the server.

    I love this server and the community, and would be seriously disappointed to see it die within the next few weeks. HL2RP has, and always will, have a special place in my heart, but it seems to be the same reoccurring issues that always kill them. Doggoh and our other developers worked so hard on making this brand new map and coding in all these awesome systems for us and I partially just feel like all that hard work they've put out is basically worthless considering nobody really is joining anymore. I don't know, I guess I just don't want to see this server die and I thought maybe making a thread to discuss our concerns so they can possibly be acted on and fixed could help out.

    Keep shit posting and any retarded comments to yourself and not on this thread.
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  2. Gyran

    Gyran Gyran
    Lore Team

    Jan 31, 2020
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    The CCA overhaul is confusing? I find it quite simple compared to the previous one. More canonic, less useless ranks and a specialization system that forces your unit to go through actual training sessions.

    I don't see the rebels being limited or excessively oppressed by the combine. Hell, most of them even get a get-out-of-jail free card thanks to the rehab system. As far as I know the sweeps always resulted in NLR and the only rebel/anti-citizen prisoners the combine got happened because of their own mistakes and poorly planned crimes or whatever. So my opinion is that the rebels are only being limited by their own creativity, some missing features and probably not very much to do right now.

    I'll make a short list of factors that, in my opinion, contributed to the pop decrease.

    - Bugged factory (or so workers say, I don't know for sure) and sometimes bugged box cutters and other warehouse equipment.
    - Bugged "Direct Import Shipment" business function, your shipment will never appear.
    - Lack of any business, maybe caused by excessive shipment prices and confusing/not well explained shipment orders mechanics. This is complicated further by the endless amount of useless factory orders created by the CWU (I know you do it in good faith, but I had to wait 1 entire day to get my 3 shipments, which were never delivered, so I can see why nobody would want to deal with this)
    - Lack of fabricators and GMDs, fundamental for the underground economy.
    - Lack of meaningful events, this is on us lore team in particular, but i assure you there already are a couple of good events ready and waiting to be announced.
    -Summer holidays, irl shit in general
    -The server apparently doesnt appear on the serverlist
    -You don't spawn in your previous location when you reconnect, this is annoying for rebels especially
    -Fooz and the big staff people are on a trip. We need their guidance.
    -Other bugs and missing features, (zombie whitelists and applications please devs).
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  3. Horten-229

    Horten-229 Newcomer

    Feb 7, 2020
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    Working a full time job and a part time job. When I get home I only have like a half hour to actually roleplay before I go and get high. My days off are on weekdays so even when I am able to get on, server's empty anyway.
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  4. Sobolewski

    Sobolewski Newcomer

    Jun 30, 2020
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    What Gyran said, mostly. BUT...

    For the part about useless CWU orders - I'll say it just once:
    If we don't put in orders, there's LITERALLY no work for workers to do. Whenever I see an order from an actual citizen come in when I'm playing Yuri Strewsky, CWU Manager, first thing I do is check when it came in - then check if the character who requested it is currently online. If they are, I make sure to get it produced right away and try to find the person so I can deliver their shipment. If not, well, i'm sorry I wasn't online or nobody at all was in the factory when you ordered it, but I can't really help you. Especially not if you order stuff and then just log off like some people seem to do (I check the order, it came in 5 mins ago, but the person is nowhere to be found).

    Cool as the manufactory is, it just screwed the economy even harder than the inflated prices already had. I've made a whole essay on the matter and even checked it in with some people like the guys behind Servitor 297, and Monitor 208 for feedback too. I think it's good enough to make public, so here it goes...

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  5. doc oc

    doc oc ohio
    Lore Team

    May 29, 2020
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    Personally, I have been extremely busy with the last test and finals week of a summer college course, and just constantly beset by health issues the last week and a half. I have IBS and, combined with extremely poor vision (bad eyes) and catching a cold lately, I have had severe migraines throughout the past week and trouble sleeping. I offer some of the only leadership on the Resistance, so that's a part of why they have been relatively inactive, as well as reasons like the exclusion of Jay and a good portion of the administrator team on leave. Generally speaking though, I think summertime is seen as valuable for those not in high school (maybe for some of you it is), and as a result, absences are somewhat expected, even with Covid. The main problem probably stems from the fact that most people don't want to play on the server if it is not at least sitting at 20+ members, which is usually why staff members sit on the server to push the numbers up.
  6. Ethan

    Ethan Combine Civil Authority

    Dec 20, 2016
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    Might not be a bad idea to start doing some events on the main server for our respective factions. Keep it simple.

    For instance, the CCA has timed shooting drills for different weapon qualifications against reactive targets on the range. Or better yet, mock crime scene investigations. Generally anywhere you see a weakness in your faction, it's a good time to drill it out with your troops.

    For the resistance, maybe get your guys used to working together, communicating in some form of training. I've found in the past any type of attempt to train the resistance is met by laughter or derision, I'm not sure why this attitude is the way it is but I think it's definitely worth overcoming somehow by setting a new example.

    For the citizens, there's a number of things that can be done. The idea is anybody on the staff steam just has to come up with an idea for a small event and execute on it. The way I see it is that we need more experience running events, so this is a good time to do it when it's low-pop.

    I've run this low-pop loop too many times before to know events are definitely not going to save it and that isn't the intention. The updates that rolled out are meant to be a small part of a very big system, without the rest of which cause more complications than solutions. Point being, admins, now's the time to do what you've always wanted to do.
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  7. Ethu Chan

    Ethu Chan Newcomer

    Jul 5, 2020
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    A lot of folk are busy or have other things to do but I think an early warning from the staff team could've helped before a majority of them had gone off on a trip, that way a small staff team could have been organised to keep things running on the tracks, now it seems like singularity has come to a halt and I've seen numerous players talk about a mashup of particular role play game modes instead of trying to support the server that has currently been established. I'd like to encourage more people to hop on by inviting them to do some player based events, you forget that there are work shifts, underground fight rings, interactions with your fellow block members, interactions with the CCA, the resistance and so on. A lot of the factions could really create some interesting role play, I've seen it from a lot of the players but as soon as staff disappear for a week or so people start to turn tail and leave. I don't mean to press on and moan but I believe an early warning from the members of staff and perhaps the planning and organising of a small staff team that could run weekly events could have prevented some of the decrease in the server populace, I'm aware people have things to do, their life doesn't revolve around this server but a bit of effort to hop on the server, whether you're a user or a staff member could make the difference, I'm looking into doing a thing or two with my rebel character as well as my CP, it'd be great to have players join me.
  8. LordDeathis

    LordDeathis Ascension Radio Host

    Jun 7, 2020
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    Honestly, reason I've been stuck in the "should I hop on the server" question has been the negative loop of players and general busyness on my part.

    The main lack of events for the EU playerbase within reasonable hours have been sad to see. Training for the CCA has also been US focused. I have a feeling that pandering more for a EU playerbase aswell would do wonders. This is not saying that I give blame to anyone on this part. I could have carried the torch on behalf of the EU playerbase, but I haven't had the time.

    I honestly hope the best for the server. But I really don't see it "revive" unless a miracle or stroke of genius happens.

    EDIT: The CCA training problem almost makes it feel like the CCA faction is closed for EU players, making people be stuck at the RCT rank for weeks or months. Meaning that during EU hours you will most likely not see CCA on.
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