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Update on CWU Structure

Discussion in 'Department of Labor' started by HOMEOFTHEBRAVE, Jun 5, 2020.



    Feb 26, 2017
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    As we get closer to launch, the CWU has undergone some changes to allow us to make it more accessible and simple. Bulleted below are all of the changes that have been made at the time this is posted. More is planned to come, but the goal for tomorrow's release is for the CWU to be easier to understand and enter than it was before.​

    Changes that were made include the following:
    • Department of Medicine was removed from the roster for the time being.
    • Department of Information was removed from the roster for the time being.
      • Both departments were absolutely empty with little to nothing about how to join them or what they do. I figure it is smarter to build the CWU up once we get more members rather than carry around a monstrous empty roster for us to be forced to fill.
    • Roster presentation improved - the roster should be easier to read and less cluttered.
    • Moved the Earth Administration Roster from under the CWU section to the Earth Admin section of the forums.

    The CWU's success is essential to the server's longevity. With these changes, I hope to kickstart our progress to an awesome future with our new gamemode. Stay safe and please contact me if you have suggestions or questions.​
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