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Union Militarised Conscription Corps - Operational procedure, expectations and duties

Discussion in 'Heavy Arms Division' started by awesomeguy002, Sep 14, 2018.

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  1. awesomeguy002

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    Mar 3, 2017
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    Heavy Arms Division
    The Union Combat Division.​

    This document has been created in order to ensure that all Conscripted Recruits are aware of their stature, standing, duties and the rules they are expected to uphold. All HAD soldiers are expected to read this manual thoroughly, to ensure they understand their place with exceptional clarity.

    The HAD is the Combine's last line of defense in the face of an exceptionally well equipped foe. Only deployed in times of exceptional crisis, the HAD is a force to be reckoned with, being Armed with the assault rifles, armor and training that differentiates them from regular Sociostability units.

    Although the HAD is armed with superior equipment, their main strength is organisation. Equipment is not what creates the division between a professional force and a skeleton crew of guerrillas, it's our ability to adapt, communicate and organize.

    One must also recognize that we are a balancing force. We are not here to overwhelm the resistance, but provide the opposition that will become evident if they assert themselves too much. When this time comes, you must be exceptionally equipped to do that job. That means: Do your job, follow orders, don't act like a fuckwit and forget any characterization you may have acquired up to this point. The final point is especially important. A squad cannot perform cohesively if a squad member is more worried about upholding their character's views and values than following their orders. It may suck, and one might consider this a breakdown of higher RP, but time spent acting anxious or insubordinate is time spent not being a cohesive member of your team. You are also not generally expected to emote movement or actions out of combat, unless the situation demands (E.g: Dislodging an obstacle from a door or disarming an explosive). Even then, you are expected to keep it simple. Emotes cost time, and time spent needlessly writing is one that allows an enemy unit to mobilize and Metagame your position. In a perfect world, this would not be a problem, but it's not a perfect world.

    For the time you are flagged up and deployed, you are effectively robots. Not in the sense that you are apathetic edge-lords who can shrug off bullet wounds and human suffering, but in the sense that you will follow your superior's orders to the book and without question.

    Standard Operating Procedure (SOP)

    There are not many things to go over, but regulation is ever important:
    1. HADs may flag up, but may not leave their spawn (For instance: The Nexus) unless called up by a Sergeant or Captain while armed. For the purpose of higher roleplay, a HAD unit may be granted a moment's leave, should he prove not to compromise the Union's equipment and maintain Opsec.
    2. HADs may only deploy if given express permission by a Sergeant or Captain. Sergeants must report their deployments to Captains and may only happen under exceptional circumstance. You are not Civil Protection, you are a strike team designed for Combat Ops. Be ready to hotswitch to your character if you are called up. You can continue passive roleplay later, S2RP is not as simple.
    3. You must assume S2RP and S2M unless permitted by a member High Command (Captain+).
    4. Do not speak in Global OOC at all. Only Sergeants and up may speak when it is of utmost necessity. PMs and LOOC takes precedence, though these might be muted under specific circumstance. This is for operational purposes.
    5. Be polite. This usually includes not talking at all. I will tolerate no low-blows, teasing, or unscrupulous attacks to character. HAD operations will end with people dead, scripts lost and people on either sides pissed. Leave it be.

    Ranking structure:

    Upon being accepted into HAD, new Recruits will be given their Private flag on their first training day, not before. They will stay in this rank until promoted by the Captain. Privates cannot deploy in fireteams unless permitted by the Captain.


    New privates recently accepted under the fold. They are given their flags on their first training date and will not be promoted until 2 trainings after, where they are considered for promotion by their commanding officers.

    They are to be trained in basic skills including, but not limited to: Movement, communication, firearm skills, room-clearing and formations.

    They may be denied a promotion, removed from HADs or promoted to PFC based on their conduct and performance. Keep in mind that your performance needs nothing if you act disruptive during training, interrupt your trainer or act especially troublesome. The key to a successful career in the HAD is optimism and an eagerness to learn.

    They are armed with an M1911A Handgun and a H&K MP5A2 Submachine Gun.

    Private First Class
    Privates recently promoted into this position. Perform all basic infantry functions. PFCs may request leadership training from the current Captain, which may lead to consideration for promotion into Sergeant or the knowledge of how to take command should a squad's leader should be incapacitated or otherwise rendered unable to continue command.

    They are armed with an M1911A Handgun, An assortment of grenades and an M16 Assault Rifle OR H&K MP5A2 Submachine.

    A "gratification rank." This rank is awarded to people who perform exceptionally well and usually connotes an ability to lead and teach better than the average Soldier. Corporals will usually take precedence in assuming field command if their commander is incapacitated. Although it harbors a few more responsibilities than the average Recruit, this rank is not an excuse to act superior to your squad-mates, and you may be demoted back to PFC or even Private if you act excessively circle-jerky or self-righteous in this position. You are expected to be able to assist lower ranks and be ready to help your higher-ups. You may be called up to assist in training Privates while in this position.

    They are armed with an M1911A Handgun, An assortment of grenades and an M16 Assault Rifle OR H&K MP5A2 Submachine.

    The bulk of field command. They lead deployments and training (After alerting the Captain first), and are expected to write after-action reports. Promotions to this rank are not dictated by your performance in the field, rather your willingness to learn, confidence and drive to be elected into this position.

    They are armed with an M1911A Handgun, An assortment of grenades and an M16 Assault Rifle OR H&K MP5A2 Submachine.
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