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The Vortigaunts

Discussion in 'Vortigaunts' started by HardHat, Sep 26, 2018.

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    This is a work in progress, if you have anything to input please do so, non-related posts will be deleted.

    An overview:

    The Vortigaunts, an alien species with high intelligence and a need for social contact. They are able to conjure up what they call ‘The Vortessence’ which they say makes up the fabric of the universe, or ‘Vortal cords’. They can use it to heal wounds, blast enemies, and even use it as a sort of shield. While each individual has this power, its much stronger with the more numbers of their kind present.

    While most people see them speak English or any other kind of Earth language, when speaking to their kind they will use what is known as ‘flux shifting’, a language which can’t be understood by “Those whose Vortal inputs are impaired”, that referring to humans. They can even telepathically speak to each other long distances, but not with words, feelings as they say.

    The Vortigaunts, when communicating with human languages, wont talk normally like humans. They will refer to themselves in the third person instead of first, and may even speak in older versions of that language.

    Powers with the Vortessence:

    The Vortigaunts use the Vortessence in multiple ways. As seen in the games, they can conjure up a ranged attack to blast enemies. They charge up their attacks, and if charged enough, can kill a man instantly. While they are already stronger then any man, they can make balls of energy and punch them into enemies, which has a sort of blast to it. In numbers, they can do a lot more damage to their foes.

    There of course is the other non combat powers, like healing of wounds. With only one vortigaunt that knows of human anatomy, they can be better then any normal human doctor. They can easily heal scrapes and cuts, while other more grievous wounds like gunshots will take a bit more time, but will eventually get it closed. During the process of being healed, it does hurt quite a bit, people saying its like being poked by needles in the afflicted place. While a vortigaunt can’t save someone from death, they can save people who are about to die, as seen in Half-Life 2 Episode 2. Though one by itself cannot save someone with deathly wounds, they can prolong their life for a short while until others arrive, and even then its not assured they will save the person.

    The last main line of their powers, and a very useful one still, is their power to restart electronics and power them down. They can start up generators with a burst of energy or even a vehicle. They can also, if in constant contact with it, start up lights. They can take away energy from electronics as well, say there is a generator, they can sap all the energy from it and use it for themselves as a burst of energy, whether it be to put forth in combat or to heal, its useful to do.

    Connections to other species:

    While Vortigaunts have spent a very long time in Xen, most of the species in there aren't from the same world as the Vortigaunts, but the antlions are. While they aren't exactly the dog of their species, they know a lot about them. Using the extract from grubs they can heal wounds better with it, but the most sought after thing is the antlion extract. It can be an assured way to save people from their deadly wounds, but can only be used if there is more then one vortigaunt present. They also of course hand contact and served with the forces of the Nihalith, and may have come from the same world as most in the Nihalith’s army had a third arm on their chest.

    Their past:

    The Vortigaunts have spent lifetimes in slavery, as seen in Half-Life 1 files, they are referred to as Alien slaves. They were driven from their home world years ago by the Universal Union, and pushed into Xen. Its assumed that many were taken by the Universal Union and used as slaves then. Then even in Xen, they were made slaves by the Nihalith and forced to fight those who they did not wish to. It's been generations since they were pushed from their home, and its assumed none who experienced that event live to this day.

    After Black Mesa all Vortigaunts were set free, and were put everywhere because of the Portal Storms. Years of contact with the humans eventually had some allied with the humans even before The Seven Hour War. However, because of the war the humans and Vortigaunts became much closer allies, as the Vortigaunts knew of the Universal Union. They however, were put down, and treated as less by the Union, thrown into slavery once again. Some of these Vortigaunts, if shown they are loyal to the Union, can be sent out to interact with humans, if not they are usually sent out to clean the streets, supervised or not.

    Key Terms:
    • "Myrmidont" = Antlion Guard
    • "Vortal Signature" = Aura/Lifeforce
    • "All in one" = Vortessance
    • "Void" = Death/Spiritual realm.
    • "Acid-Lions" = Cave Antlions
    • "Host-parasite" = Zombie (Also parasite = headcrab)
    • "Vortal inputs" and "flux shifting"
    • "Lesser Master" = Nihilanth, "Greater Master" = Combine
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