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The Director's Last Letter

Discussion in 'In-Character Area' started by Dee, Jul 14, 2020.

  1. Dee

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    Jan 31, 2020
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    ** Left on the varnished oak desk is a small white envelope containing a letter printed in black ink. There is a red wax seal with the three ubiquitous letters which are present in the office. 'C. W. U.' it states, proudly stamped while hiding the letter's contents. Upon removal of the seal and unravelling the letter, a message detailing the missing Director's potential obituary is revealed.**

    To whom it may ever concern, you may have within your possession of a document in a time of great upheaval. Alternatively, you might just be the cleaner who somehow gained access to my hidden stash of undeclared tax money. Though without any more digressions I am no longer with you all. For one, I'll start off that my acquisition of this position was out of desperation and selflessness. This isn't some sort of trifle I am spouting to paint myself as a martyr, far from it. In fact, being appraised wasn't my end goal. I simply wish to state that all the production quotas, work cycles, activity checks, constant yelling, was so our "guest" would not transform this district into a graveyard thanks to our previously incompetent staff. As you all know, the foundations have been laid appropriately so that the new Civil Worker's Union simply isn't a cabal of self centered fat cats hoarding all the cash.

    I have full confidence that those running the affairs will continue to fulfil their duty, not for the Union itself but the people who live under it. Though in reality, I fear even in death that complacency and corruption will slip back into this organization despite my efforts. I say this because that was exactly what the CWU was before my arrival, a den of lazy snobs that'd grant you the occasional cycle. Director Klaus left us for city twenty two, clearly because he knew this place was a sinking ship and I couldn't blame him. Seeing the crime on the street, poor quality rations, and general poverty spurred me to reboot our local industry. This was long before the implementation of district three's manufactory production initiative; which by the way is a very unstable piece of equipment that has caused one worker to lose his leg already.

    While this new system of relatively streamlined production will almost guarantee our success in quota production, I cannot say the same for the workers. They are in great risk of causing catastrophic damage to themselves and their fellow compatriots lives if they dare make a wrong move. Even more so, the death toll will lower standards and bring dangerous toleration of suffering in effort to excel our last milestone in industry and commerce. I doubt that the observation corps will care, though they have my sympathies none the less. Speaking of worker safety, you must continue the struggle of removing these 'anomalous' freaks of nature infesting our city. Yuri and I have already ended Half Pete's existence along with chasing off the 'Trash Eater' as he is supposedly called. These beings wish nothing more but to spread misery and disrupt the livelihoods of the citizenry in general. Make no compromises with them, eradicate the problem before it gets out of hand. I have already lost a good few men to them.

    As for who will take over when I am gone. I personally recommend Crystal Woods or Yuri Strewsky be elected to the Directorate position. They both have the vigour and determination to continue bringing prosperity or even... a meal ticket to your average man.

    I wish I could of done more to help this city.

    - CWU Labor Department Director, Alan Callahan
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