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The Civilian Medical Service

Discussion in 'Civil Workers Union' started by mattcos, Feb 21, 2017.

  1. mattcos


    Dec 15, 2016
    Brampton, Canada
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    Civil Medical Service
    City 24-Clinic.0018​

    Welcome to the City Twenty-Four CMS, you have chosen or been chosen to serve City Twenty-Four and therefore the union by providing invaluable medical care to your fellow citizens & Your fellow man.


    Adam Black - 95913 - Manager - CMU-M.95913
    Ash Abrams - 83921 - Nurse - CMU-N.83921

    As per your commission as CMU officials you are granted:

    -Authorization to carry around medical equipment.
    -An extra ration at all distribution cycles.

    As per your commission as CMU officials you are expected to:
    -Maintain a clean record with the union and report all crimes.
    -To carry yourself professionally and refrain from any violation.
    -Report and turn in all contraband and suspicious patients at once.
    -Properly record all patients and expenditure of CMU supplies.

    The constitution of the CMU City seventeen.
    1: You are expected to obtain a name and CID from your patients and to later report the patient's name, CID, and the reasons for treatment.
    2: You are to record all medical supplies expended on a patient.
    3. Only doctors, surgeons and management may remove narcotics from the lockup.
    4. You are expected to record all narcotics used on a patient and report any missing narcotics to management.
    5. As a member of the CMU, you will maintain a record in good standing with the CCA and the Union.
    6. You must use proper procedure when handling your patient, The CMU will not tolerate malpractice.

    Use this after being hired so you can be added to the roster.
    ::Worker registration form::

    Hired by:

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  2. Alpha

    Alpha The World Has Changed

    Dec 16, 2016
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    Name: Ash Abrams
    CID: 83921
    Experience: Ex-EMT
    Position: Nurse
    Hired by: Adam Black