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The Civil Worker's Union, Earth Administration and City 17

Discussion in 'Earth Administration' started by awesomeguy002, Jan 31, 2020.

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    The Earth Administration

    In this timeline, the Combine saw fit to place a body of Civilians at the head of occupied Earth. Known as The Earth Administration, these Military-elected officials administrate Earth and its workers under Corvee in order to meet their stringent annual material requirements:
    • 200,000 tonnes of steel
    • 1,500 cubic metres of fresh water.
    • 10,000 offworld transfers.
    • 3% of all Oxygen produced on Earth

    Their elected power and responsibilities are as follows:

    Dictatorial Premier/Chairman
    At the helm of Earth, the DP has effective control over all of Earth through his subordinates in the Earth Administration. The DP is elected once every 25 years by Combine Puppeteers above him. It is his job to meet the quotas they set, or he will be punished punitively - usually through maiming or through the threat of murder of close friends and family.

    Dictatorial Ministers

    An assemblage of representatives and skilled officials that advise the Chairman and assist him in meeting quotas. They are usually distinguished Scientists, Managers, Businessmen or Military Commanders that are called up out of service or retirement to help the Chairman lead. In some cases, they represent him - moving to conferences or events in his name.

    Regional Exec
    The RE stands at the head of 2-3 ex-countries, designated “Unified Regions.” It is his responsibility to hire CCA command personnel for his administrative regions, as well as collecting levies, taxes and material for quotas.

    Sector Authority
    The Sector Authority isn’t one person, but rather a group of people. They are the people who take care of the wellbeing of a city and ensure its faculties and labourers are working and are efficient. This includes:
    • The Sector Commander
    • The Civil Administrator
    • The Heads of the Civil Workers Union

    City 17 - Industrial District
    The Server is set in Odessa, Ukraine - the Capital of the Earth Administration, though it’s not free from scrutiny. Designated City 17, the Administration is set in the Odessa Opera and Ballet Theatre. The building has become a shadow of its former self: The large, arcing entryway has been shattered diagonally across the centre, cumulating in a long unmoved pile of rubble on the street below. The building's large dome-like roof has been excavated, replaced with a heliport for the dispatch of Aerial Assets and pieces of alloy platings are bolted to the archaic masonry. Most of the outskirts are long abandoned, aerial recon showing little more for it than tin shacks and scarce movement. Most of the population has been moved densely inwards into Apartment superstructures and city centers.

    The old monument to Duc De Richelieu was shattered in the 7 hour war by Artillery Fire, though was reconstructed later on in a Ukranian conservation movement by members of the Department of Information. It looks mostly similar, barring one difference - Duc De Richelieu has been completely replaced by an Auditor made out of recycled steel. Any records that suggest that this has ever been the case otherwise have been scrubbed, and the populous humbly accepts that this statue had simply been there for centuries. The statue of Catherine the Great has met the same fate.

    The Grand Staircase leading up to the monument has since been demolished and refurbished into a cladded ramp to ease the transport of troops up and down the square. Many fortifications and checkpoints stand in its place.

    Antlion and Zombie attacks constantly plague the City's north, with most of the landscape South of Petrovirivka holed up with Combine shelling, most of the lip of Kobleve dotted with Antlion nests. Many expeditions have been launched to retake the strategically vital Dam, though they have all been met with limited success.

    Checkpoints and fortifications exist across the entire city, though It is most fortified near the coast, where many coastal fortifications and dockyards face outwards. Its ports and drydocks serve a base for many Earth Administration naval assets in the Black Sea, as well as providing a repair base for Gunships, Dropships and helicopters. The Odessan Catacombs stand as a very juicy smuggling route, though many horror stories of smugglers getting lost are circulated frequently.

    Massive amounts of supply moves in and out of City 17’s ports, providing a juicy target for any insurgents. Most of the inner electronics industry has been repurposed for exporting wheat, drone parts and alcohol. There is a large market and production front for footwear and formalwear. Most, if not all the industry are condensed into the Industrial District of City 17, with the Commerse district condensed into the same sector as the Industrial District.

    City 17 imports Raw Materials, foodstuffs and fuels.

    In the Industrial 17 precint, a garrison of around 100-400 soldiers exist, with around 900-1200 Civil Protection officers recorded on active duty. In City 17 as a whole, up to 20,000 active duty officers are enlisted, with up to 7000 soldiers garrisoned, many more in stasis.

    City 17 exports around ¢500,000,000 worth of products with a GDP of ¢22 Billion PPP. Its main export partner is City 179 (%42), City 3 (%34) and City 124 (%24). It has an annual import of ¢3,200,000,000.

    City 17 has a very ordinary CCA force, it's only differentiating factor being Command’s historic enthusiasm to use the CCA to push further inland, through the rubble of the seven hour war. Time will tell if this trend will be sustained by fresh talents and Brass.

    The Civil Workers Union

    Standing refurbished, refreshed and anew from its past as a ramble of Laborours and Cohorts, the new CWU of i17 focuses on hiring talents, managers and shift leaders. Undergone on the advice of a pair of unnamed Monitors, the new CWU treats every Citizen as a capable worker, increasing district efficiency vastly.

    A great deal of trust is invested in the Directors. They are expected to act independently and in close proximity with other Directors and sometimes the Monitors or CCA. Cooperation is a big part of the role, so somebody who is poor at interpersonal relations would be a poor fit for this position.

    Though the burden of responsibility is on the Directors, they are able to delegate this responsibility onto subordinates. For example, the Director of Medicine may delegate handling the importation of Pharmaceuticals to one of their Nurses. This also means they are well within their own right to make up new positions to ease bureaucratic stress.

    Recruitment into the CWU can happen by any number of means: The common people may undergo Labour Conscription detail where they held a recorded past key skill or expertise that was in demand, and were forcibly reassigned to the CWU. For the more prestigious leadership roles, many acquired their positions by simply having the right connections and initiative to land themselves a job, which is undoubtably more realistic than coming up to the Superintendant's doorstep and asking for it. Keep in mind, however, that this is the rule and not the exception - there are a multitude of curious, deceitful or creative ways that people may have used to acquire a position in the CWU.

    The Superintendent
    The Superintendent is a superlative management role. They control the entirety of the District's CWU, and is the person to come to regarding staffing and supply requests.

    Director of Information
    The director of information hires part-time writers and artists. Though this position tends to be less temporary than others, its recruitment process tends to employ recruitment calls through the devices the Ministry of Information creates.

    The MoI creates Newspapers, Radio Channels, Civilian Media, propaganda and any other creative outlet that incorporates the use of some kind of Communication or Propaganda.

    It is a highly creative department, since the Director and their subordinates need to be able to think of new creative ways to keep the people entertained. They are also relatively independent, say for the occassional scrutiny of Monitors.

    Director of Medicine
    The Director of Medicine hires medical professionals for the department. This is usually Nurses and Paramedics, citing the difficulty of attaining Doctors/Surgeons due to the brain drain into the outlands.

    Ontop of this, the Director of Medicine handles stock and importation, though like other Directory positions they are well within their right to delegate responsibility onto trusted subordinates.

    Director of Labour
    Wherever maintenance is needed, the Director of Labour is found. He executes work cycles, though is usually seen at the helm of larger projects that demand logistics and huge amounts of manpower. He has the contacts for interdistrict supply. He has the ability to call in supply or tool transports.

    He is responsible for keeping the district efficient, either through his own hand or his subordinate's. Beneath the DoL are Shift Managers, who organize Citizens in workcycles. They handle more routine cycles that keep the Citizens engaged.
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    Really good stuff. When will we know more about who the Directors of the CWU are?
  3. awesomeguy002

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    I'm currently handling the CWU. There will be more information about recruitment in the upcoming days.

    If anybody's interested at the moment and wants to voice their interest, feel free to shoot me a message.
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