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The City 17 Districts and Locations

Discussion in 'In-Character Area' started by Fooz, Jan 31, 2020.

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    City 17

    Serving as humanities beacon and capital, City 17 is the largest and most populated of all remaining urban centers. It acts as the most productive exporter of all Earth, and is regarded as one of the most important locations, at least to the Combine, on the planet. Citizens here, though provided with many more amenities of life than their counterparts in lesser cities, face near constant surveillance and oppression in order to keep quotas full and streets safe. Divided up into several dozen different districts, each of which serves a unique purpose to our benefactors, City 17 is uniquely impressive.


    Industrial Precinct 7

    Many years ago, this precinct was once the hallmark of productivity within City 17. It's last inhabitants were relocated long ago. But now as production demands increase, the Auditor Observation Corps have opted to reinstate it as an active production asset. Housed with world-class factory equipment, the old industrial heart of City 17 now eagerly awaits it's new arrivals.


    The Citadel

    Home of City 17's administrator and countless Combine secrets, the Citadel is the largest artificial structure on the planet, created after the seven hour war. The Combines darkest secrets are hidden within the dark recesses of this gargantuan structure, along with Civil Protection housing and headquarters, Overwatch stasis pods, and every other form of Combine beast. It's rare for a citizen to enter this structure and leave in the same form, often being transformed into something much more useful for the Combine...


    The Surface Sewers

    Just feet below the city streets, a huge complex of sewers, most of which were created before the war, lies and sees frequent use by various criminal organizations. Civil Protection is known for their lack of patrolling in the area, making it one of the most dangerous areas within the cities for those who don't know how to handle themselves. But, once properly mapped and utilized, the sewers could serve as a very useful asset for moving supplies in and out of the city.


    Extended Sewers

    As the sewers extend further away from their city entrances, they lead to a much less developed, and, somehow, more dangerous area. Usually uninhabited aside from a few refugee stations along the route leading away from the city, an escapee must be truly prepared for the horrors they'll come across on their way through the far sewers.


    The Sewer Dropoff

    As the sewers finally lead under the cities outer gates, many empty out into a highly patrolled set of drainage tunnels and canals. Often, rather than going into the sewers to chase down escaped citizens, Civil Protection will simply dispatch a squad to wait for them to exit at one of the various sewer drop-offs, which serve as the only way out of the city for most refugees. Those who manage to avoid Civil Protection are met by Combine snipers, turrets, various checkpoints, and roaming helicopters. But some brave few have made this place their home, helping guide citizens to safety.


    The Canals

    Those who manage to escape through the various sewer dropoffs alive come to a set of muck-filled canals that contain the entirety of City 17's sewage and trash. Seen as the cities landfill by most, this area is one of the most disgusting and horrid of all City sectors. It's been often noted that frequent passage through this area (which is common for smugglers, couriers, and guides) leads to a temporary loss of smell due to the horrible aroma surrounding the canals. These canals, if followed along the right route, lead to the more preserved, if just as dangerous, areas of the continent, such as the Outlands.


    Abandoned Districts

    Though City 17 is the Combine's home city on Earth, it's no exception to the whim of nature and the rebellion. Much of the city, as expected, remains under strict control by Civil Protection and other Combine forces, but some few districts, such as the District 38 mining facility, have been reclaimed by antlions or other Xenian forces, such as headcrabs. These areas are all under strict quarantine, but it's only a matter of time until the Antlions decide to tunnel under a forgotten and long since deactivated city district.


    Abandoned Pre-war Cities

    It's been noticed that a majority of Combine encampments on Earth were built on the ruins of the most prominent pre-war cities. But, there are some abandoned areas where hundreds of thousands once lived that, for some reason or another, the Combine chose to ignore or completely decimate. Many of these destroyed pre-war cities contain a variety of refugees, from those who are too unwilling to join the resistance, to those who have simply given up on fighting. Many routes out of City 17 take refugees through sections of these ruins, where nothing but memories remain. Many have chosen to live in ignorance of the Combine and choose to live their lives in denial of the new order.


    The Outlands

    Far from the city most humans call home, the Outlands serves as the rebellions home front, where a majority of their hidden bases and outposts are located. Though littered with hunters and Overwatch, the pristine wilderness of the wooded Outlands allows for a more enjoyable daily life, if the proper precautions are followed. Few citizens who attempt to escape the confines of the city ever make it this far, but those who do are met with open arms by established resistance groups looking for fresh faces and loyal recruits.


    The Antlion Caves

    Deep within the recesses of Eastern Europes mineshafts and caves, Antlions have made their new homes. Often filled with thousands of the creatures, the Antlion caves are some of the most unsafe locations in the outlands, due to the ravenous nature of the beasts when protecting both their young and their land. That being said, their grubs provide a hefty meal and, if secured, a well defended cave could prove invaluable to the resistance due to its hidden location and natural defenses.


    The Coastline

    An area almost exclusively occupied by roaming antlions and lost rebels, the coastline is one of the most desolate areas surrounding City 17. With little to eat or drink, an astray citizen could easily die within minutes of first stepping onto the sandy shores outside Civil Protections jurisdiction. Those who escape the antlions frenzied claws are likely to be picked up, or more likely picked off by the areas other inhabitants, Overwatch. One could not travel any further from the Combine's gaze without leaving the continent for brighter pastures.

    Thanks to Jayden for this, it was an unreleased concept from Odessa, repurposed for Singularity.