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Stupid Lamp Newspaper. First issue. Sparsely handed out.

Discussion in 'In-Character Area' started by ItsJeffrey, Jun 21, 2020.

  1. ItsJeffrey

    ItsJeffrey Member

    Jun 7, 2020
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    A bundle of papers all seem to have the same writing on them. Stuck into a small box on the side of road labled "FREE" in black marker.

    It seems this newspaper contains an interview. There seem to be a few handwritten comics about talking food.
    Mark Balif.

    A man reigning from the industrial district of City Seventeen tells you about a few stories.
    A militia of citizens had caused many Judgement Waivers to be enacted. An IED was activated at the man's neighboring block, which caused his relocation.

    You have to wonder, how can any person with a brain-stem consider themselves a force of democracy, planting bombs near innocent Civilians?

    Mark doesn't hold a grudge against these people, he was after-all relocated to a better district.

    Mark had been separated from his family. His father had been killed by criminals.

    He doesn't mind Civil Protection. They seem to treat him well, and have even provided him a lawyer during Jail time.