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Sewer Maintenance Unit Revived

Discussion in 'Civil Workers Union' started by Nothing, Aug 11, 2017.

  1. Nothing

    Nothing Member

    Feb 21, 2017
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    A group of tradesmen, plumbers, mechanics, various repairmen of every walk of life, Trusted to ensure the continued operation of the cities civilian functions such as water, electricity, and gas; as well as safeguard it's constantly crumbling infrastructure. A near thankless job fraught with many perils and little reward.

    THE SMU:
    The SMU maintains the following tasks:

    • Sewer upkeep, Preventing blockages and flooding.
    • Waterline maintenance, Maintaining and providing repairs to water lines.
    • Electrical grid maintenance and expansion, Maintain the current electrical grid while also expanding and upgrading it.
    • Keep the crumbling city gas lines in check, A growing problem.
    • General infrastructure upkeep, Keeping your roof up safe and sound.
    • Finding and identifying maintenance and repair tasks for the CWU work shifts and by extension the general population.

    The SMU are subject to the following:

    • Members are to receive an extra ration while they maintain a record in good standing with the union.
    • Members are allowed to acquire and maintain toolboxes of various tooling and mechanical components, So long as said tools are never used as a deadly weapon.
    • Members are required to be permitted access to wherever city infrastructure is in peril, For restricted areas including sewer systems they require a signed work order by the administration and a Civil protection protective detail.
    • Ration rewards after all supervised maintenance and repairs in restricted areas.

    The SMU dress code:
    SMU staff are provided with such upon being hired.
    Employees will follow this dress code while at official functions and fulfilling work orders:

    SMU ID badge [SMU. Position.CID - Example "SMU.SMT.55555"
    CWU White Shirt

    CWU Pants
    Insulated Gloves

    Rules and regulations:

    Due to recent violations, it has become clear that everyone needs a refresher on the rules in the SMU.
    1. You do not enter the sewers without a signed work order, protection detail and supervisor or manager.
    2. Trainees will not carry around tools or devices of any kind.
    3. Trainees will not receive any benefits until they reach full member status.
    4. Any member under suspension is to be treated as a citizen, Should they A) Attempt to continue their duties. B) Be detained under any charge. C) Be in possession of tools or an ID badge. Then they will be removed permanently.
    5. Do not waste time and resources on large undertakings, report them to a manager or supervisor.
    6. Large tasks are to be delegated to the Civil Workers Union (CWU) and they are to handle it.
    7. Any work action above ground will require a report as will all underground work actions.
    8. Senior members in the detail file reports, If supervisor or manager is present then THEY will file the report.

    The Sewer Maintenance Unit

    Manager: - CWU.SMU-M.31398, Daniel Sullivan-
    Specialized Maintenance:

    General Maintenence:

    -CWU.SMU-T.80173, Canaan Grimsdale-
    -CWU.SMU-T.85388, Jahred Spencer.-
    -CWU.SMU-T.20346, Marco Henderson

    Roster Applications:
    Hired by:
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  2. Pricken

    Pricken Member

    Apr 20, 2017
    Puerto Rico
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    Name: Canaan Grimsdale
    CID: 80173
    Experience: Small machinery.
    Position: Trainee.
    Hired by: Daniel Sullivan
  3. [DG]xXDemonicCrowXx

    Jul 10, 2017
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    Name:Jahred Spencer
    Hired by: Daniel Sullivan
  4. Binary

    Binary Costco Employee

    Feb 25, 2017
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    Name: Marco Henderson
    CID: 20346
    Experience: N/A
    Position: Trainee
    Hired by: Daniel Sullivan
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