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Discussion in 'Business Loan Applications' started by Mossay, Jun 28, 2020.

  1. Mossay

    Mossay Newcomer

    Jun 17, 2020
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    Business Owner: Dr. Thomas Murphy, 38762
    Business Name: ROSE PETAL C.
    Employees: Thomas Murphy, 38762, acting Chairman & Founding Father
    Desired Business License: Clothing & miscs, planned future expansion into unviersal business practices.
    Funds Requested: 1250 Credits.
    Why should we give you this loan?:

    On behalf of Rose Petal C., we formally request the granting of a 1250 credit loan for business purposes. Rose Petal C. is a planned multi-business practicing precinct organization. As of now, we request a loan of 1250 credits for the purposes of establishing said business on behalf of Dr. Thomas Murphy in which we believe the establishment of a large business will allow the creation of further job opportunities, distribution of luxury goods as well as increased government business taxes from it's business operations and continued maintainence.

    As of now, the organization will be mainly comprised of it's forementioned founder, Dr. Thomas Murphy for a small period of time until proper company policies are formatted and formalized so that part-time or full-time employees can be hired to begin operations in local store rented properties.

    Rose Petal C. is an ambitious project that intends to become a market powerhouse to provide a main source of income to help assist other projects and future subsidaries of the company launch with it. We intend on optimizing overall worker efficiency to achieve maximum profit.

    Several documents have already been launched such as the Employee Seminar to introduce newly hired or interested citizens into how the company will operate internally and their basic duties. These documents and policies are to change in the future, as it is currently a draft, though if such happens, they will be notified through their business kiosk of a policy change.

    These documents are accessible in paper and on open channels in the universal union business kiosk.

    Do you understand that you will be required to pay back this loan in full?
    Dr. Thomos Murphy takes personal responsibility for paying back any loans granted by local administrations.
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  2. Dee

    Dee Member

    Jan 31, 2020
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    Dr. Thomas Murphy has been granted 1250 credits for Rose Petal C.
    Seek immediate appointment with Director Callahan for approved finalization of application.