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OOC: A note about entry level jobs

Discussion in 'Civil Workers Union' started by mattcos, Feb 22, 2017.

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  1. mattcos


    Dec 15, 2016
    Brampton, Canada
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    The CWU and all it's divisions from the confusingly named CWU to the SMU and CMS.
    They all have entry level positions which we tend to call as either trainees or interns.

    Now you don't get any IC benefits while your in such a position and that means no:
    Extra rations
    Special privileges
    Uniform (Some exceptions)

    Among other things.

    You will however learn your chosen field with other entry level workers
    and if your new to RP or the particular form of RP that you'll be learning and executing in your chosen division then I think you'll find that the lack of IC rewards will more than make up for it in OOC knowledge and character development.

    Medical role play, We're not all doctors here but you will learn acceptable forms of Med-RP and should become a capable medical role player in your own right when your finally made a full member in the CMS.

    Maintenance and repair role play, Well we're not all handymen, plumbers and tradesmen but it's rather simple and can be learned with as much ease as medical RP, You'll find it very rewarding to develop your character through such an experience on an IC and OOC level.

    The CWU are glorified baby sitters, Though you will interact constantly with citizens and units. So if role play in general is not your strong suit, just by being around players role playing (Which is the job as a work shift manager) then you'll guaranteed to improve.
    This shouldn't have to be said but they are very well rewarded IC.
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Thread Status:
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