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Now Owned by the CWU

Discussion in 'In-Character Area' started by zoid, Jun 27, 2020.

  1. zoid

    zoid Member
    Administrator Lore Team

    Jun 14, 2020
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    Various well decorated posters across the City’s apartment blocks are put up. Some even make their way into the slums, somehow. They have big bold text and a red symbol across it.

    You walk up and take a moment to read the poster.


    Civil Medical Union (CMU)

    Greetings, my name is Dr. Lincoln Feltz. I am an aspiring businessman and a trained surgeon. Before the war, I lived in London, working in the St. Thomas Hospital, gradually coming face to face and learning from some of the best medical professionals of my career. When the ESU had declared martial law, the Medicare of the People dropped to abysmal level of standard.

    I had forfeited my position to help render private aid to civilians caught in the crossfire. Without debate, the facts are The Union has brought about a time of peace and with it the technical age has skyrocketed and medicine has become wondrous. I am fully versed in post-Union medical studies and wish to build upon a foundation for other doctors to help render aid to civilians and lift work off of the CCA’s shoulders.

    If you are interested in any of the following positions, please leave a notice below with your name, position, and any additional information that makes you a better candidate. If you are applying to be apart of the medical or management staff, leave a detailed explanation of your experience with medicine. I leave the format to your creativity.

    Keep in mind, I must first petition this to our local city leaders. This is simply to see who I can rely on for positions upon its creation. Every position will be paid weekly with credits, expect no less than 60 credits for lower positions.

    Auxiliary Staff

    Positions include janitor, secretary, assistant.


    Keeping the hospital clean, sanitizing medical bays, and also acting as transport for patients.

    Checking in patients and also keeping communication with CCA to inform about injured patients that need to be retrieved. Essentially a dispatcher.

    Personal assistants for managerial staff, they help manage financing and the resources. Also may perform menial tasks from time to time.

    Medical Staff
    Positions include physician, surgeon, and any science staff (leave qualification below).

    Physicians are the backbone of the CMU. They must have a basic understanding of medicine or better yet, a degree. Physicians also act as paramedics in a sense and are expected to patrol the streets and help render medical aid. There are Junior Physicians, Physicians, and Senior Physicians.

    Surgeons are the highly specialized doctors of the CMU. They are trained in one or a number of different surgical techniques.

    Science Staff
    We expect to accept a wide range of science staff to help study new diseases and develop cures. Any science in medicine is accepted.

    Managerial Staff
    Positions include Head of Medical, Head of Auxiliary, and Assistant Director.

    Head of Medical
    Must be a very experienced doctor, able to run the entire medical department. They are entrusted with most decision making within their respective department, including hiring and firing. They are also the top medical practitioner in any situation.

    Head of Auxiliary
    Must be a very experienced leader able to run the entire auxiliary department. They are entrusted with most decision making within their respective department, including hiring and firing. HOA is expected to be able to perform every auxiliary job and issue training when necessary.

    Assistant Director
    My right hand man or woman. They are the top managerial staff and also expected to be an experienced medical practitioner. They are above the Heads and only is countermanded by the Director, Dr. Lincoln Feltz.

    // Click spoiler above.
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  2. Sleeves

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    Dec 22, 2017
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    About time too.
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  3. zoid

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    Jun 14, 2020
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    ** New posters are put up over the old ones. Eventually even those are repainted over. They fall into obscurity. What little remain say.

    “My venture has been taken over by the CWU. I’m unsure how I’ll be able to support myself. Perhaps I shall apply, but I am unsure. I had hopes for my own successfully ran health facilities with fair pay for employees but perhaps leaving it to the Union is for best. For now the CMU name is entirely in their hands.

    No one had applied besides one very amazing individual. I thank him for his contributions and apologize I could not be successful.

    -Dr. Lincoln Feltz”
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