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Novaya Reformatsia - Post 404 Event Synopsis

Discussion in 'Heavy Arms Division' started by awesomeguy002, Oct 21, 2018.

  1. awesomeguy002

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    Mar 3, 2017
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    NOVAYA REFORMATSIA - Post 404 event recollection.
    City: 17
    Date: ██/██/2017

    Type of Engagement: Siege/Battle
    Duration: 34 Hours

    Friendly Units: N.Y Security Force, On-site ERT Tango, ERT FOXTROT, C17 HAD reserve elements.
    Friendly Casualties: Two NR SF Survivors, ERT Tango destroyed, Twenty-Four ERT FOXTROT, Fourty-Four HAD reserves.

    Three APCs unaccounted for.
    One Bell AH-1 Cobra does not return from Recon mission.

    Enemy Units: (Approx.) Two Hundred Irregulars, Two Unverified.
    Enemy Casualties: Unknown. Numerous bodies burnt beyond recognition.

    Civilian Losses: Most On-Site Civilian Staff and Warden evacuated. Two Medical Personnel and one VIP unaccounted for.

    From: CpT. McArthur
    To: FC. Hancock, UCC Engineering Division, UCC Requisition, Dr. ██████████, Dr. ███████████
    Subject: HAD Arsenal Reform

    68 casualties, Hancock. I don't know what horseshit is going on with your ERT, Hancock, but whatever it is, I want whatever organisational and inter-personnel issues to get UNFUCKED ASAP, because right now the impression I'm getting is that the C17 Detachment is a bunch of BRAINDEAD MORONS who can't even resolve a SIEGE SCENARIO armed with four FUCKING APCS AND THE ENTIRETY OF UCC REQUISITIONS AT THEIR DISPOSAL. I'll have your ass. Punk.

    When I was emplaced as head of the HAD, my intent was to create a fighting force worth a damn, not a bunch of Civilians who can point rifles in the general direction of the enemy. You're going to get what's coming to you for wasting my Manpower like that, HANCOCK.

    I'm putting my foot down. The HAD detachment of C17 is beyond FUBAR, I am going to have to step in myself and restore discipline. I am also forwarding this to requisitions and our Engineering detachment. We're in Europe, there are more than enough stockpiles left over from old Russia to last us a Century, and even then the ease of production of pieces of armor like the 6B3T vest will last us well beyond that. As for armaments, judging by the fact you could not take on a couple hundred Irregulars with LMGs and Assault Rifles, it's probably about time we reworked our firearms. We need a gun with the firerate of a Browning, the punch of an M1 Garand, and the Accuracy of a Springfield. I don't care how much it costs or how much time it will take, but we can do it. We have the technology and the manpower. I trust +Engineering can get us sorted.

    I'll handle Hancock and his squad of College dropouts myself.

    Your Respectfully - Captain McArthur
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