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Monitor Applications

Discussion in 'Monitor Applications' started by awesomeguy002, Feb 6, 2020.

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  1. awesomeguy002

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    Mar 3, 2017
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    Auditor Observation Corps
    Precinct 17, Monitor Detachment


    Monitorship is a highly valuable role, though somewhat misrepresented. Monitors are simply Political Officers, designed to preach a message. Though some exceptions exist, the majority of a Monitor's work life will be spent communicating with people and forcing a political message. When it's not speaking to people, you will be running Investigations, running numbers, tracing money, gathering suspects and evidence for thought crimes.

    If you are accepted, you will be whitelisted for the server and will be slotted into one of the CCA training programs. As has been stated before, these will last upwards of 2 total hours and demands your fullest attention to qualify you as a Monitor. After this, you will be oriented personally by an Arbitrator or by Me.

    • Do not PM the applications to me. Post Applications to this board
    • Post your questions in bold and answers in unbolded italics.
    • Delete anything in parenthesis

    Background Information

    Discord Username (As well as any other online handles you are known by. If you change your Username regularly, state some of your prior aliases):
    What times of day are you active? (EST or AEDT):

    Character Information (OOC)

    Character Name:
    Citizen Digits:

    Provide a detailed overview of your character ( This includes their history before, during and after the war, as well as their motivations for either joining the AOC or being selected for recruitment):

    Why do you want to join the AOC?:

    What do you know about the Auditors:

    What is your job as a Monitor?:

    Scenario Questions

    You are walking around the streets at night when you see an orator speaking out against the Union. Your job is to deal with this sort of Politicide accordingly. Politicide is the crime which the act is perpetrated against the political stability of a region. What is your follow-up to this? How do you react and persecute the Orator justly?

    You come across two battered Citizens, a man and a woman. The woman is visibly bruised and accuses the other man of beating her regularly, to which he responds that he was only acting in self defense, and that the Woman was not mentally stable and hit him all the time too. The man is covered in scratch marks and cuts. How would you head the investigation?

    You happen to find yourself in an S2RP where you fight back with appropriate force with reasonable success. Backed into a corner, the opponent begins accusing you in OOC of FailRP, Metagaming his position through PMs and VOIP software as well as saying you powergamed to get into your position of superiority. How do you respond?

    You come across an individual committing the non-violent crime of posting resistance propaganda. What do you decide to do?

    You find yourself trapped in roleplay with a very stubborn individual. They constantly refuse to cooperate, finding loopholes and sly tricks to gain the advantage. They take OOC things IC, mingerun and intentionally slow their writing to make you lose interest. Ontop of this, their character seems overly campy and full of half-assed writing. You finally find the chance to get back at them - trapping them in a place where they have no advantage, no loophole or escape. They are at your complete mercy. What do you do?

    Presuming the afformentioned assailant was arrested for Politicide, and at your mercy with you as the Magistrate, how would you take the case? What would your verdict be? What helped you form this conclusion?

    Organisational Standard Questions

    Are you prepared to enter a long, open-ended discussion with the Auditor and other fellow Monitor applicants, as well as the alotted 2 hour CCA training sessions?

    Are you prepared to share your knowledge and experience unconditionally?

    Do you understand that you are not better than people who are not as qualified or as experienced as you are, and that it is your responsibility to educate them?

    Do you understand that skipped questions, noncommital or unserious answers warrants immediate denial?
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