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Labor Group Manager Information + Application

Discussion in 'Civil Workers Union' started by Jayden, Apr 18, 2017.

  1. Jayden

    Jayden Berries and cream

    Feb 22, 2017
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    We're going to be doing both forum applications and IC applications now.

    Labor Group Managers are this communities version of the CWU Manager, working for the Ministry of Infrastructure. Their job is to form a Labor Group by hiring citizens off the street that are looking for a job, who they will train in manual labor by having them attend workshifts, set up by the manager. OOC'ly, managers will also be expected to teach new players the basics of roleplay by hiring them into their groups and having them attend shifts. Rather than the traditional route of announcing a workshift for any citizens to attend, Labor Group Managers will only run shifts with the members in their group to make the process more one-on-one and less boring. Members of Labor Groups will still be paid after their shifts by the attending officer.

    Workshift/Project information: Shifts can be doing anything involving some sort of labor, ranging from repairing a fallen catwalk to filling a vending machine. Managers are expected to create unique shifts for their labor groups that will allow for exciting and informative RP, while also staying within the realm of realism regarding the environment (Don't expect to run a shift that involves giving citizens weapons or anything of that sort. If it wouldn't make sense IC, don't do it.)


    Steam name:
    Steam ID:
    Other characters you play:
    Past experience with serious RP:
    Why you want a manager position:


    Prior Experience/Jobs:
    Criminal Record:
    Future goals within the Union:


    Are you more effective in a group, or on a one to one basis?

    How will you set an example for those in your Labor Group?

    How would you organize and develop your Labor Group?

    Who are the most important members of a team?

    How would you react to everyone in your Labor Group disagreeing with your orders?

    How will you organize and prepare projects?

    How will you teach your Labor Group members?