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[Event] Cross Contamination: 3 Days in the Nepalese Mountains

Discussion in 'Miscellaneous Projects' started by awesomeguy002, Nov 5, 2019.

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  1. awesomeguy002

    awesomeguy002 Veteran
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    Mar 3, 2017
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    Cross Contamination


    In the wake of the Black Mesa incident, a platoon of mountaineers of the 88th Stryker Brigade are dispatched on an inconspicuous supply mission to the towering peaks of the Nepalese mountains. Little do they know that this seemingly routine mission may be their last. In this three-day event, loyalties will be tested, and even the strong comeradery of a pals battalion will be pushed to its limits. Trapped in the middle of a mountainous forest, the platoon finds that their cargo is not what it originally seemed. Not only that, but their food and fuel supplies have suspiciously been going missing. They must fight to survive - any number of wildlife, enemy militia and environmental hazards at their teeth. Even then, despite this: something menacing waits on the brink of oblivion...

    The 88th Stryker Brigade and the Convoy

    Haphazardly constructed in the few months surrounding formal capitulation of Earth forces, the 88th Stryker Brigade was trained to contend with the various scattered pockets of resistance lying in wait in the numerous rocky mountains of Central and Eastern Asia. An expensive and timely campaign, most of these Conscripts had plenty of time to become accustomed to the fighting conditions of Asia, and as such can enjoy a common veterancy throughout the ranks. Working in a typically neglected part of the world, many of the Conscripts had to scavenge or pay for their own equipment and armour. Thankfully (For the men of the Brigade) this has offered a sort of leniency to individual uniform and equipment violations, as after all - any man can bear a number of old Soviet, Chinese or Commonwealth miltary surplus from their time in the corps. A number of specialist personnel and equipment have been supplied for the operation. Radiomen, Cooks, Surgeons, Engineers and most peculiarly: Chemists, Biologists, Geologists and Virologists, amongst an array of other personnel. All have been given the same briefing: "You'll be briefed when you arrive."

    Unfortunately, that time may never come.

    Cross Contamination will take place on Friday, November 15th, 7PM EST onwards until Sunday. The server will start and stop, and for day 1 and 3, there will be time to roleplay. To participate in the event as a Conscript, place your username and SteamID below, and (Optional) write a background on your character, including their equipment and loadout (If possible, you'll receive an item. Else is IC). I'll be offering character portraits, just pick one from the Conscripts Addon from the content pack (https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1904443001) and PM me with a rundown of their personality and bodygroup appearance.

    There is a limit of 9 participants.

    If attending, don't expect an Admin is watching you. Send a copy of your emotes to /a if it demands an Admin's attention.

    If you would like to volunteer as an event character, please PM me. You will be instructed on multiple characters you can play, and are essentially given free reign to do whatever you please unless the circumstance demands it. (e.g: The final boss of an episode). Play them as you would any normal character, with all the doctrine, needs and abilities you'd expect. There are wider possibilities than you would think, as some non-canonical elements are present.​
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  2. mattcos


    Dec 15, 2016
    Brampton, Canada
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    Steam Name: Frog blast the vent core
    Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:57241287


    Character name: Sgt. Boswell

    Background: This absolute unit is an elite marine commando from the USA ubiquitous with last minute operations and suicide missions. Things changed quickly from conducting classified operations with the US government to the tip of the spear for the combine occupation. Boswell was pulled from the Hudson river by the NYPD following the battle of New York during the 7 hour war which saw his unit Fox 2-3 utilized for the first time by the precursors of the occupation to eliminate patriots in the US High command.

    Boswell is attached to the 1st UCC, Heavy arms division, Foxtrot company stationed in Vietnam. Foxtrot-12 has been dispatched from City 22 to bring peace and security to the region, their mission was to head to Bangladesh to rendezvous with forces to then launch an attack on Bhutan rebels in contact with the rogue USN New Jersey which escaped destruction off the coast of NYC during the war. Only in City 78 for a two day layover for supplies and briefing Foxtrot was preparing for their departure when at the last minute Boswell was attached to the 88th Stryker and thrown onto a truck while his unit continued with their mission.

    Equipment: Boswell has taken nearly the same equipment into every battle since his days as a marine and today is no exception. He's sporting a great deal of communication equipment from bulky radio set to compact sat phone all of which he acquired in preparation from maneuvers in Bhutan. M4 carbine with M203, I37 pump, grenade belt, and M9.
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  3. Bobus

    Bobus Newcomer

    Nov 5, 2019
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    Steam Name: Lord Darius
    SteamID: STEAM_0:0:19693651

    Character Name:
    Bryce Evans

    Background: Bryce is of rather average height and build only standing at about 5'10 and weighing only 165 but what he lacked in direct brawn he made up for with swiftness and true aim in the small skirmishing around city 6 before the 7 hour war. He earned a nickname during one of these skirmishes as Nix for mercilessly defending a group of civilians from a small horde of Xen beast. His life before the Black Mesa incident was inconsequential he lived as a teacher with his wife and baby daughter whom was only a year old at most before the incident. Keeping them safe was his reasoning for joining the local Militia and his reasoning for going along with what happened later.

    After the war he was devastated by the defeat of humanity and the loss of his wife gaining an deep depression and hatred for those that occupied them. Quickly he is conscripted for the Occupation Forces, leaving his daughter in the wreckage of London with his step sister. Initially he was disgusted with the idea of working with the Combine Forces but left with little choice to either fight or risk himself and his families lives under the new Regime he decides to fight. He is moved around quite a lot putting his skills to various test and missions around Europe living up to his small acclaim. He is ordered to assassinate a target in southern Greece where he intentionally let the target get away due to his exhaustion and general attitude over the occupation. He is quickly put on a train heading east through the desert and great forest of Siberia he is sure that this the end he makes his peace with God and awaits the inevitable... much to his surprise after several restless hours of travel he arrives upon his unknown destination where he is attached to the 88th Stryker and told he is headed toward the Nepal mountain ranges for a special mission. He regrets being so far from his daughter and is fearful for what this mission may be.

    Equipment: An Old Hunting Rifle has served him well since his militia days, he also carries a Sub Machine Gun given to him by the Occupation Forces. In addition to his basic equipment he has a half smoked carton of cigarettes, an old zippo lighter and a photograph of his wife and daughter.
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  4. Wallace

    Wallace Newcomer

    May 2, 2018
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    Steam Name: Cpt. Jenkins
    SteamID: STEAM_0:0:47965775


    *Zelenko is seen on the left wearing a mask and resting against a tree alongside his comrades from the 5th.*

    Character Name:
    Pvt. Zelenko
    Born as Stefan Zelenko in Kiev, Ukraine. Zelenko never expected to join the Ukrainian Army but he also never thought he would fight for the Combine invaders either. During the 7 Hour War, Zelenko's commanding officer surrendered to Combine Forces and exchanged him and his men's services for protection from the Combine's wrath, and so Zelenko's unit became the 5th "Reaver" Battalion. The Commander chose the name "Reaver" to give the soldiers of the 5th a sense of morale and to strike fear into the hearts of resistance fighters; in fact, the Reavers themselves acted as perfect shock troopers and could be described as: "tenacious", "brutal", and "barbaric". But despite the 5th's ferocity, the battalion would always need new bodies to replace those lost. Stefan proposed that to make up for losses, the Reavers themselves would give prisoners a chance to be conscripts and fight alongside the 5th as an alternative to death. Fortunately for Zelenko, his idea worked and the 5th would always have a constant supply of troops as former enemies gave up in their cause to fight with the "victors".
    Unfortunately, one day Stefan was pulled out of the 5th, despite his discomfort in leaving his brothers-in-arms, and was transferred to the 88th Stryker Brigade. Despite being a Ukrainian, he did have a fairly good understanding of the English language and was able to find himself adjusting to his new unit without much issue.

    Equipment: Zelenko never had any set gear as most of what they were handed, or given, was either passed down from captured munitions or picked up from the fallen. Zelenko did however, make sure to maintain a decent amount of cooking ware/supplies in and on his rucksack, he may not be the best cook around but at least he has the essentials for someone who can.
    AK74 with a GP-25 , a Grenade Bandolier, Grach sidearm
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  5. Strategic

    Strategic Sicko Mode

    Mar 16, 2017
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