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CWU Workshift Guide

Discussion in 'Department of Labor' started by HOMEOFTHEBRAVE, May 24, 2020.

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    Feb 26, 2017
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    This is a guide to give structure and purpose when creating workshifts. By no means is this the end-all-be-all formula for managing workshifts. This is purely meant to create a foundation for an organized approach to making use of people's time in workshifts.​

    What is a workshift?
    A workshift is an organized, temporary job where citizens can get paid. Workshifts break the stagnation of RP and provide opportunities for people to interact with different faces. Workshifts can be as simple or intricate as desired. The specific task at hand can be whatever makes sense, that power is in your hands.

    Why are workshifts important?
    Workshifts are an essential part of the atmosphere and economy.
    They are essential to the atmosphere because they provide purpose and direction for citizens, even if brief, and allow people to have interesting, engaging interactions. Besides, what good is a city full of people if none of them are working?
    Workshifts are a vital part of the economy since they are one of the most secure, legal ways to obtain credits and other rewards. They are also open to everyone without barriers to entry unlike shopkeeping. Workshifts are easily the most engaging way for players of all experience to have fun together while getting paid to do it.

    How do I run a workshift?
    This is where your artistic touch is appreciated. How you decide to structure, operate, and conclude your workshift are entirely in your hands. As a foundation, I would suggest answering these three questions before starting a workshift:
    1. What will we be doing for the workshift?
      • Again, this is entirely your decision; however, I recommend creating something where people move around a lot and interact with others plenty. Don't make it easy for them.
    2. How many people do I expect will be able to participate?
      • Ideally, a workshift should be able to compensate every person that wants to work. We do not live in an ideal world, so some limits or requirements are sometimes necessary.
    3. How long should the workshift last?
      • As a shift manager, you are entrusted with other people's time. Do not waste it. My recommendation is to have a workshift last no more than an hour if possible. Going a little over is reasonable, but if your workshift is approaching the 2-hour mark then you did not organize properly.
        • Keep in mind I do not have a recommendation for how short a workshift should be. If you decide to host several shorter workshifts instead of one longer one, all power to you. The key thing to think about is how you are using other people's time. As fun as cleaning can be, people want to move on with their stories. Respect that and there should be no problem in planning a workshift's length.
    You possess the creative power to make a workshift however you want. The only two things that should limit your creativity are the number of people available to participate and the amount of time they will participate.

    When should I start a workshift?
    If there has not been a workshift for about an hour or longer, go for it. Use common sense to determine if it is appropriate to host a workshift or not, but host away if you have the desire to. It never hurts to ask in OOC if people are down for a workshift or not. In general, if you want to host a workshift and are unsure, just go ahead and host one. The worst that could happen is that nobody shows up which means you can simply try again later.

    As a labor manager, you possess the awesome power to bring people together and stimulate the economy. Workshifts can be as routine or unique as desired. The power is in your hands to determine that. Above all, keep in mind how you are using other people's time. Spend their time wisely while making it worthwhile and everyone involved will have more fun and opportunities than they did before.
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