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CWU Labour Application

Discussion in 'CWU Applications' started by Pershing, Feb 13, 2020.

  1. Pershing

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    Apr 19, 2017
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    Universal Information (OOC)



    Discord Username:
    unfortunate son#8147

    Please list any other nicknames or online handles you are known by:

    What times of day are you active? (EST):
    Currently 9am-12pm, subject to change. Willing to adapt.

    Do you have any experience as a gamemaster or event-coordinator (Non-HL2RP specific)? If so, where?
    Nothing in any official capacity, but I can write pretty well enough to suffice for what's required of me.

    Character Name:
    Abdul Al-Bashaar

    Please write your character's short biography:
    Abdul was a simple Syrian-American immigrant before the war. His family being in the Catholic minority of their country worried them enough to secure a future in the West, settling in with a remote Pennsylvanian Parish. Then the occupation came, and not unlike the rest, he was shuffled around for a while until being relocated to City Seventeen for outstanding behavior. He was the model citizen, despite what some may call 'harsh conditions'.

    How did your character land a position in the CWU?:
    Being the aforementioned 'model citizen' got him benefits from the Union, of which he grew attached to. With these newfound luxuries, small as they were, he knew there was more he could do for the Benefactors. Abdul turned to the CWU, continuing his example citizenship until a manager position opened up with the Labour division after the untimely disappearance of his predecessor.

    What were your character's motivations for staying with the CWU?:
    Purpose in an occupied society. He didn't mind the breathing room when it came to life either.

    What past skills and experience would land your character their job?:
    Being an American citizen, he needed a trade to survive in their late-stage Capitalistic society. As a result, Abdul turned to auto/diesel mechanics. He graduated Trade School and owned a small business.

    What part of your chosen department appeals the most to you?:
    The crafting/maintenance roleplay. I've always found it fun, and I'm pretty good at making something from nothing.

    What past experience do you have with the knowledge/skills associated with your chosen department?:
    Nothing official, but my experience will show in the logs provided.

    Do you understand that as a manager, you hold a pivotal role in keeping the Citizen playerbase engaged, and thus are expected to be active?

    Do you understand that a lack of presence will warrant your removal?

    Department-Specific Applications
    Department of Labour

    Post your plans of a workcycle, presuming all conditions are ideal and you will be fully staffed:
    For the sake of player interest, I'd prefer to keep it short, sweet and simple.
    -Begin with your standard assembly, brief the workers on their task. Most commonly--ration packing.
    -Lead by example and do one myself with a proper emote.
    -Begin the cycle, my staff and I carefully observing each worker for anything out of place.
    -Continue until the conditions require I stop(be that an admin telling me we've done enough or otherwise, not sure how that works yet).
    -Reward each worker appropriately, be it ration privileges or credits on the spot. (prefer to reward by rp, but thats up to the admins)

    (If Available) Post logs of any CraftRP of your choosing:
    I can't find it, but there's a whole pastebin of me crafting an AKM. Ethan might have it? If not, he authed it on New Haven. I did find a small crossbow crafting log though https://pastebin.com/JYV1PUSZ

    Write a Crafting roleplay in response to any one of the following scenarios, using any form of thirdperson storytelling at your disposal, using any speech, emoting or non-player-characters at your wish:
    • You are presented with a broken CCA-issue gasmask. One of the lens has shattered and the filter has been violently wrenched off, leaving the mouthpiece warped and deformed. You have plenty of replacement parts and tools at your disposal, but the precinct is completely out of surplus masks.
    Upon being presented with the task, Abdul immediately sets his sights on replacing the mask's lens. Likely the easiest part of the job by far. He jogged into the storage room, plucking out a small glass panel and a circular suction saw, specifically for this type of cutting. He measured the dimensions of the mask's remaining lens, replicating it with one swift motion using the precision tool. The downside to glass cutting like that was the loss of what remained from the panel, but that could get re-purposed. With the replacement in-hand, he began a simple disassembly of what the mask's original production would allow him. Assuming that were enough for an easy install, he carefully removed the shattered lens and set the replicate in.

    But he's not done yet. The filter problem was a hard one to tackle, but not impossible. He disassembled the mask once again, removing any valuable/vital parts as to avoid accidents. If the filter were violently yanked out as the prompt would have one believe, the thread was bound to be warped beyond immediate use. Luckily, the mask was still plastic after all, allowing the use of a fairly unorthodox technique. Abdul's answer to this was a small, personal lighter. He held it under the mask's 40mm threads until the were easily manipulated, reaching for a replacement filter to wiggle inside. While the plastic's integrity was still weak, he molded it around the 40mm's threads, recreating the original system. It may not work as well, or particularly look good, but it's the best he could do under the circumstance.

    You finish a shift only to realise you've just run out of material for tomorrow's Workcycle. What do you do? Detail all your interactions, communications and actions.
    Abdul's first instinct is to contact Liam Hudson--his Superintendent about the shortage. An understanding man, he promised to make up for the sudden requisition by doubling production come the next workcycle.

    You are overseeing a Workcycle where Citizens are packing rations when you see one of them stuffing a credit voucher down their coat pockets. What do you do?
    There's two ways Abdul would normally go about it, depending on the situation. As the citizen was spotted under his watchful eye in a criminal act, he opted to alert his local Unit, requesting an example be made of the man. A warning to the rest, though this may stir non-compliance, leading us to option two.

    Abdul silently notifies one of his staff members, who then speaks to a local unit with a request to not disturb the work cycle. How this is done ends up at the Unit's discretion, but is preferred that the subject is silently carried off /after/ the cycle, never to be seen again.

    You are contacted by the District for a massive project: They want to commission you to erect a massive statue in the plaza out of marble. You are entrusted with designing the architecture, as well as the gathering of staff and materials. Your budget is nigh unlimited.
    A project like this is sure to be the peak of Abdul's career, so he spares no resource in making his Benefactors satisfied. He himself is no architect, but some of his staff certainly have the know-how. He explains to them the design he wanted Seventeen's citizens to be greeted with in their daily lives. His idea wasn't a capture of a man, but instead the Universal Union's common logo, resembling a human figure. The intricacies of the plans had to be ironed out for a while, due to the nature of the floating head. His answer was to replace the head, opting to make a large '17' in place of it, the number's edges connecting to what were the 'arms', creating a self-supporting structure. In the coming workshifts, the citizens knew no harder work. Of course, this was too high of a priority to be left in their hands, so Abdul himself and most of his staff lend a hand in the construction.

    You encounter two of your subordinates arguing about how to approach a roleplay situation. Both seem to have good ideas, but have come to blows refusing to accomodate the other. How do you resolve the situation?
    In a position of leadership, choices like this never have a correct answer. All I can do is attempt a compromise between them and act as the voice of reason. There's sure to be a way to incorporate both ideas without conflicting. Should one side refuse to cooperate, then you have your problem. From there, you can go about removing it without inflicting collateral damage.

    One of your subordinates constantly critiques your work, providing negative commentary on every emote or action you take. How do you respond?
    If this is IC, he will be reminded that while constructive criticism is encouraged, but discipline is in order for those who seek to start issues over minor things.

    If this is OOC, I'll take whatever advice is given through the obligatory slew of personal attacks and attempt to improve. If the problem persists, it becomes a staff issue.

    During roleplay, you are accused of asspulling a structure that you built a few days ago. You have the logs to defend yourself. How do you respond?
    I reassure my accuser with logs and proof of admin authorization without escalating the problem. If that's not enough, I can contact my auth admin.
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    Speaking of the AKM craft logs, I might have that hidden away somewhere, if you remind me around 3 PM EST on discord I'll try and find it for yah
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  3. Pershing

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    Apr 19, 2017
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    updated with a pastebin link, courtesy of llauriescat.
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  4. awesomeguy002

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    Sorry for the late reply, but I'm here now. My tonsils were keeping me bedridden. Accepted.

    Your writing was good, and you definitely have the skill and ability to follow up your apparent organisational skill. You have the autonomy to go forward as you wish, so as long as you're punctual. Congratulations.
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