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Combine Overwatch Transhuman Arm: Guide/Handbook

Discussion in '<:: | Combine Overwatch Transhuman Arm | ::>' started by Dboy, Feb 20, 2017.

  1. Dboy

    Dboy In the pines

    Feb 20, 2017
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    Combine Overwatch Transhuman Arm Handbook​
    Congratulations on recieving a transumanized Overwatch Soldier! This handbook contains essential things to know about COTA and should hopefully answer any questions you may have.

    Section 1:
    - Basic Info
    - Rank structure
    - Accommodations and ranks​
    Section 2:
    - Radio Codes
    - Terminology
    - Rules of Deployment​
    Section 3:
    - Equipment
    - Notes
    - Rules​

    <:: Section 1:
    - Basic information
    Overwatch Managers/Captains:
    - Sins
    - Ethan
    - Dboy
    Our steam group is located here (Add a group admin to get invited)
    Our Discord is located at the bottom of the sidebar on the bottom of the main page, join it.

    - Rank Structure

    Accomodations and ranks:
    - Shotgunner: Overwatch soldier equipped with a standard issue SPAS-12. Deployed for close quarters combat. Note: These soldiers are not equipped with a Overwatch Standard Issue Pulse Rifle (Icly)
    - Overwatch Sniper: Overwatch soldier equipped with an Overwatch Standard Standard issue Sniper rifle and a Standard-Issue MP7 as a sidearm.
    - Medic: Overwatch Soldier with medical training
    - Overwatch Soldier: Your run-of-the-mill overwatch soldier equipped with either an MP7 or a OSIPR (AR2)
    - Overwatch Recruit: Overwatch Rookie, equipped with an MP7, OSIPR if authorized.​

    <:: Section 2:
    Radio Codes:
    10-3: Cut radio chatter
    10-4/Copy: Confirmed last message.
    10-20: Location
    10-107: Disturbance
    11-99: Soldier requires immediate assistance. (Emergency)
    34s: Shots Fired/Unknown location unless specified.
    647-E: Anti-Citizen/Malignant​

    Anticitizen: A citizen committed of a crime.
    Biotic: Any organic life form.
    Block: Residential apartment building.
    Clamp: To establish defensive fortifications (combine barricades) with the intention to restrict or control movement in or out of a structure or area.
    Exogen: Antlion
    Infection: Entry of a non-citizen or biotic into an area.
    Maintain: To secure and safeguard an area from active threats.
    Parasite: Headcrab.
    Necrotic: Zombie.
    Restrictor: A device to restrict the activity of antlions. (Thumpers)
    Viscerator: Flying unmanned drone with razor-sharp spinning blades. (Manhacks)
    Boomer: Dropship
    Bouncer: Grenade​

    - Rules of Deployment
    People who can authorize deployments are:
    - High Command (SeC and DeL)
    - Overwatch Commander (OWC)
    - Elite Honor Guard​
    All Deployments are announced either on the Steam group or on the forums.

    <:: Section 3:
    -COTA Equipment specifications:
    - From what I see, the COTA vest is very similar to a Level 4 Russian 6B23 Vest, level 4 being Kevlar, Ceramic and Steel plating weighing in at 22lbs (10.2kg)
    - COTA pants are pretty baggy, so they are most likely made of multiple layers of Kevlar.
    - An AR2 fires pulse rounds which are based on Dark Matter technology. On impact the rounds burn and can penetrate materials with medium thickness
    - Keep in mind, your Overwatch soldier is not completely robot. The soldier is transumanized and still is capable of thought, but they are brainwashed so their memories are erased and filled only with knowledge of the Universal Union, therefore they cannot defect.
    - All IC vocoder and radio transmissions begin with "<::". While it would be appreciated and is fancy, it's not mandatory.​


    1. - If a commander tells you to flag down, do so or face consequences.
    2. - DO NOT use your COTA flags for S2K. It is forbidden due to the fact that COTA is heavily overpowered and sets a bad precedent. Participating in S2K on a COTA unit will result in removal of flags. No exceptions.
    3. - Engagement rules are always S2M or S2RP. If you are out of yelling range, please use GOOC for emotes.
    4. - If flagged up in the city for whatever reason, stay inside the Nexus until told otherwise. (The only time you will flag up in the city is for extreme social unrest or guarding a civil administrator.)
    5. - This goes for the Admin team and High Command: Consult Overwatch Commanders before handing out any types of COTA flags.
    6. - No raging, use of racial/prejudiced slurs, or flaming other users in GOOC or LOOC. If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say it at all.​
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  2. Dboy

    Dboy In the pines

    Feb 20, 2017
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    - Added: Section 3 - COTA Equipment Specifications
    - Better formatting