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Combine Civil Authority Specializations

Discussion in 'Combine Civil Authority: Specializations' started by Ethan, Feb 1, 2020.

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    Dec 20, 2016
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    Good afternoon,

    The following post is to introduce you to the specializations available to CCA Units as well as how each specialization falls under a department and how those departments are managed.

    Organizational Structure of Specializations

    Each of these specializations fulfill a distinct role in the CCA and consist of two Department Training Officers who are Rank Leaders, and a Department Head who will be a District Commander.

    Department Training Officers: These are Rank Leaders who will be executing off of the intentions of their Department Head on what the focus of that department should be. DTO's hold the standards for that specialization and maintain them through training, drills and other readiness checks dictated by either themselves or the Department Head.

    Department Head: These are District Commanders who set the standards for their departments. They create and enforce SOP as well as maintain all documentation of that department. They set the direction of the department and make plans for follow-up execution by their DTO's and Units.


    Applications should be sent to the department head of the department you wish to join, please use the roster to find the corresponding department head and reach out to them. Each will have their own application format or requirements as dictated by the department's needs.

    Current Specialization Status (Closed Beta, Pre-Release)

    Training Officer: Open
    Medical Officer: Closed
    Crisis Intervention Officer: Closed
    Investigative Specialist Officer: Closed

    Specialization Openings & Department Establishment

    As we train more units and promote leaders, these will open up. Leaders will be given a great deal of autonomy over their own department so long as they establish the following standards for their department.

    Application Process: They must prove they can successfully vet potential candidates for the qualities that are needed per that specialization.

    Disciplinary Procedures: They must prove they can maintain discipline with their department.

    Training Operations: They must create and maintain a departmental training schedule that serves to make training operations available to new candidates, as well as keeping the current department members trained and maintaining readiness standards.

    Activity Standards: They must establish reasonable activity standards and maintain them, this includes making and tracking their own reserve roster for inactive units.

    If you're interested in being a department training officer or a department head, submit to me a plan of action to fulfill the above requirements. If approved you may then begin work on an SOP in accordance with the below specifications.

    CCA Specialization Training Courses

    Training Officer


    Training Officers take on two training roles, one as the recruit training officer who indoctrinates and teaches phases one and two of recruit training. The other role is that of field training officer. They mentor newly promoted units and assess their performance as they serve their probationary periods. While TO’s will be trained for both roles, depending on scheduling, number of TO’s or overall availability, a Training Officer can choose to dedicate themselves to either role to serve their function.

    Recruit Training Officer: This role focuses on placing training officers, usually two per class, in front of recruit classes. They then indoctrinate, lecture and drill all required training material for Phase One and Phase Two courses for all new recruits.

    Field Training Officer: This role focuses on field-based observations of newly promoted units and actively assesses their assigned units. While they have some disciplinary authority, it is mostly bestowed to them to mentor and make corrections where needed.


    Training Officers will go through the Basic Leadership Qualification Course where they learn essentials of leadership and command. This prepares them for potential promotion up to Rank Leader should they choose to move up in the CCA. However any Rank Leader candidates must serve as a training officer for at least two weeks prior to being considered eligible for promotion. This is the case as all Rank Leaders are responsible for Specialization Training in their selective departments.


    This is a position for workers and doers. This is where you give back to the CCA for the time that was spent training you and supporting you as a Unit. If this work is performed honorably, the rewards are high. You get access to additional training and become eligible for promotion.


    Ultimately I’m looking for people who have a passion in teaching others. I can’t imagine a successful Rank Leader who doesn’t have a passion for teaching, or isn’t interested in teaching at all. I need to see that you’re not only capable of running recruit classes and managing the logistics of such, but that you have a passion for what you teach. I want to avoid dispassionate trainers who sound like they’re reading off a grocery list when they run through CCA trainings.

    You should consider the above statement seriously if you’re looking to move into a leadership position. You will be expected to work and take initiative on said work. Ours is not an organization of micromanagement and you will be given autonomy in your role and allowed to maintain that freedom, so long as you can prove you want to be here.

    Medical Officer (Currently Unavailable)


    These officers are given life-saving skills that aid other officers or citizens. This is a mostly passive role. While these officers will be given additional medical equipment and are imbued with additional privileges to allow them more autonomy to fill their roles, it is up to the individual officer to make the most out of this position.


    Unknown: Currently I’m waiting for Rank Leader positions to be filled. It is up to the discretion of any Rank Leader to assume his role as a Departmental Training Officer for this specialization.

    The ideal candidate for DTO will be someone with a background in medical knowledge, as well as someone who is capable of establishing and maintaining a medical SOP and training documents for this specialization.


    Medical Officers should be our best and brightest, focusing on creating good atmosphere when treating patients, as well as having a strong background of knowledge with medical procedures and terminology. While you will be expected to help support in S2K situations by offering whatever direct means of medical support is available to you, the majority of your duties involves bringing a realization of mortality to the CCA. If you succeed only in keeping units humble, then you have fulfilled my highest expectations of this role.

    Crisis Intervention Officer (Currently Unavailable)


    Your duties include de-escalation of hostile suspects, interventions of challenging tactical situations involving high risk sweeps, raids, breaches, barricaded suspect scenarios and hostage scenarios. You will also be taking part of high risk patrols in the canals sector as team leaders to other units.


    You will be trained in basic small unit tactics and essential infantry maneuvers. You will be trained in crisis intervention techniques that focuses on effective communication with suspects who are under high-stress circumstances in a high risk environment. There will be a significant amount of drills on patrol, sweep, raid, breach and barricaded suspect scenarios. You will serve as combat leaders when the situation dictates and be able to lead units of other specializations under stressful circumstances.


    You will be held to the highest standard the CCA has for any of its Units. Not only must you study and learn all aspects of your own job to the point of being an expert who is capable of teaching what he has learned, but you must also be able to prove that you can lead other units in combat. Crisis Intervention officers are the last line of defense for the CCA, there can be no excuses for failure. As a CIO, you must own everything in your world and impart those principals unto others.

    I’m looking for candidates who can learn a great deal of information and be able to effectively execute it as combat leaders.

    I’m looking for candidates who will not shy away as leaders under the most stressful circumstances the CCA is able to put you into.


    You will be eligible for the Basic Leadership Qualification Course if your DTO or Department Head approves. This allows you to be promoted directly from CIO to a departmental training officer as a Rank Leader.

    You are allowed to bypass the Training Officer requirement for Rank Leader only if you have proven leadership skills under combat conditions.

    Investigative Specialist Officer


    You will be charged with the responsibility of handling, tracking, recording and ultimately solving for investigations based on criminal or resistance activity. Your duties involve performing interviews and interrogations as well as plain-clothes assignments. A large portion of your duties involve surveillance and report writing.


    You will be trained in the proper methods of interview and interrogation. You will be trained in surveillance and plain-clothes operations.


    This job is for units who have excellent attention to detail. While you will be given additional tactical training, your role is largely passive, however it is often performed in a high risk environment. You must be able to put up with the routine and often tedious assignments that come with this job.


    Due to the highly specialized nature of this training, candidates will be able to be promoted directly upwards, given that they can prove skill and experience as investigators and that they can be promotable to Rank Leader.