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Civil Worker's Union - Management Recruitment Wave

Discussion in 'CWU Applications' started by awesomeguy002, Feb 3, 2020.

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  1. awesomeguy002

    awesomeguy002 Veteran
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    Mar 3, 2017
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    The Civil Worker's Union
    Management Recruitment Wave

    Information: OPEN

    Medicine: OPEN

    There will be different applications depending on which position you seek: Labour, Information or Medicine. The Superintendent application is currently filled by me (At the time of writing). If you would like to be a shift manager, paramedic, labourer or any other non-management subordinate position, please contact me if not the relevant Department heads. All the applications are kept private to prevent plagiarism.

    If you understand this, read the following:

    • Ensure the answers are emboldened and placed one line beneath the questions in italics.
    • All answers must be filled out completely with proper grammatical form.
    • Take the template relevant to your department and post it here. All applications must contain the Universal Information form.

    Knowing and understanding this, feel free to ask me any questions correlating with the application process. Responses are creatively based, any gaps or lapses in detail are intentional, and are designed for you to fill in the gaps with.

    Universal Information (OOC)


    Discord Username:
    Please list any other nicknames or online handles you are known by:

    What times of day are you active? (EST):

    Do you have any experience as a gamemaster or event-coordinator (Non-HL2RP specific)? If so, where?

    Character Name:

    Please write your character's short biography:

    How did your character land a position in the CWU?:

    What were your character's motivations for staying with the CWU?:

    What past skills and experience would land your character their job?:

    What part of your chosen department appeals the most to you?:

    What past experience do you have with the knowledge/skills associated with your chosen department?:

    Do you understand that as a manager, you hold a pivotal role in keeping the Citizen playerbase engaged, and thus are expected to be active?

    Do you understand that a lack of presence will warrant your removal?

    Department-Specific Applications

    Department of Labour

    Post your plans of a workcycle, presuming all conditions are ideal and you will be fully staffed:

    (If Available) Post logs of any CraftRP of your choosing:

    Write a Crafting roleplay in response to any one of the following scenarios, using any form of thirdperson storytelling at your disposal, using any speech, emoting or non-player-characters at your wish:

    • You are presented with a broken CCA-issue gasmask. One of the lens has shattered and the filter has been violently wrenched off, leaving the mouthpiece warped and deformed. You have plenty of replacement parts and tools at your disposal, but the precint is completely out of surplus masks.
    • You are in a supply convoy outbound for the Commerse District of City 17 when the truck in front of you hits a pothole and stops. Surveying the damage, you see the rear right wheel has been popped and the sidewall has been dented. Atop this, you suspect that the strut has received trauma. Luckily, one of the trucks was carrying automotive supplies, giving you ample material to mend the damage and get the convoy moving again.
    • You salvage a crate of firearm parts, saving it from being tossed into the incinerator. Your enthusiasm recognised, you are asked to assemble as many weapons as you can from the box of parts. There are dozens of receivers, barrels, stocks and grips ready to be slotted together, as well as many empty cartridges. All the vices, bench blocks, milling machines, different types and grains of propellant and other gunsmithing tools of the Armoury has been opened to you to this end.
    • Due to bureaucratic error, a couple tons of metal have ended up in your district. A few hours later, its owner from another District tells you that the loss has been recuperated and that the metal is all yours and to "Go Wild."

    You finish a shift only to realise you've just run out of material for tomorrow's Workcycle. What do you do? Detail all your interactions, communications and actions.

    You are overseeing a Workcycle where Citizens are packing rations when you see one of them stuffing a credit voucher down their coat pockets. What do you do?

    You are contacted by the District for a massive project: They want to commission you to erect a massive statue in the plaza out of marble. You are entrusted with designing the architecture, as well as the gathering of staff and materials. Your budget is nigh unlimited.

    You encounter two of your subordinates arguing about how to approach a roleplay situation. Both seem to have good ideas, but have come to blows refusing to accomodate the other. How do you resolve the situation?

    One of your subordinates constantly critiques your work, providing negative commentary on every emote or action you take. How do you respond?

    During roleplay, you are accused of asspulling a structure that you built a few days ago. You have the logs to defend yourself. How do you respond?

    Department of Information

    If you got the position right now, what would be the first creative, non-bureaucratic, department-related things you would do?

    Post up to 5 samples of fiction-related media from the past month. This could be writing, graphic design or art from any fictional, stylised universe. If there are no samples from the past month, please pick from at least:

    • 1 Piece of Art (Garry's Mod Screenshot, SFM render, painting, etcetera)
    • 2 Pieces of Graphic Design (Logo, Pictograph, Interface Design, etcetera)
    • At least 650 words of writing
    Evaluate your piece. How what did you think when you were creating your composition?

    If you had to teach somebody to do what you did, how would you do it?

    What did you think could be improved upon in this piece?

    Department of Medicine

    What will your first leadership choices be, provided you earn the position?

    What is your personal guideline for the use of fade to black?

    (If Available) Post logs of any MedRP of your choosing:

    Write a Medical roleplay in response to any one of the following scenarios, using any form of thirdperson storytelling at your disposal, using any speech, emoting or non-player-characters at your wish:

    • A fully-clothed unit enters with two 9mm GSWs. One to the abdomen, one to the hip. The abdominal bullet has passed through while the other is still inside. The bullet has deformed on entry and both wounds are bleeding profusely.
    • One of your paramedics has brought a woman in on a stretcher with a stab wound to her abdomen. Her bleeding has been controlled by gauze and hemostatic agents, but her blood pressure has fallen to dangerous levels, and the risk of infection still exists as the victim has been known for spending time in the sewers.
    • A visibly overweight man comes in, clutching his chest. He states that he is suffering from severe chest pain. He has a history of smoking and is has a spotty civil record for criminal trespass.
    • A unit hobbles in on the shoulders of two others. His foot is torn off up to the ankle. While one of the other units is in posession of the foot, the leg itself is covered in mud and grime, and a virulent fungus seems to be growing rapidly up to the knee.

    You find one of your subordinates has been pilfering Codeine from the medicine cabinets. Armed with the evidence from your Camera footage, eyewitness accounts and Monitor reports, how do you respond?

    You get an urgent call from one of the District Commanders - A bomb has gone off in one of the apartment blocks, resulting in a MCI. How do you prepare for this? How do you delegate labour to your subordinates?

    It's been quiet for some time, and you have the time to start preparing the Medbay for the future. What do you do in this spare time?

    One of your subordinates is expressing some very poor medical knowledge - pulling foreign bodies out of open wounds, neglecting wellbeing, amongst other malpractice. What do you do?
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