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CCA Open Leadership Positions & Recruitment Push

Discussion in 'Combine Civil Authority' started by Ethan, Jul 11, 2020.

  1. Ethan

    Ethan Combine Civil Authority

    Dec 20, 2016
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    Good evening,

    As the 1.2 update draws near, increased population is expected. With that comes the usual increase in applicants and the need for training.

    I am still looking for people interested in leadership and am willing to fully train individuals for their selected roles.

    The following positions are open.

    District Commander
    CTO for Crisis Intervention
    CTO for the Training Department
    CTO for the Medical Department
    CTO for Investigations

    Rank Leader
    1 DTO for Sociostability
    2 DTO's for the Training Department
    2 DTO's for Crisis Intervention
    2 DTO's for the Medical Department

    CTO = Chief Training Officer
    DTO = Department Training Officer

    Leadership Roles FAQ's and Concerns

    I understand people's hesitations in wanting to embark unto the leadership roles. I won't lie, it's additional work and responsibility. I'd like to hit on some common concerns below.

    I don't want to lead just to be thrown under the bus when things go wrong.

    As long as I'm in charge, everything that goes wrong with the CCA is on me. If you make a mistake, it's because I didn't train or brief you properly. While I expect my leaders to take the same ownership over everything in their world, I will not let you occupy a role and assume that ownership without first becoming confident in it. I am happy to embark upon the challenge of making leaders out of those who wouldn't otherwise even consider it, and as such I consider it a sacred task to be able to make these principles teachable to those who are willing to be humble, listen, learn and lead.

    I don't have that much time in the week to do this, how active am I supposed to be?

    Give me five solid, honest working hours a week and I'll consider you an active leader. It is my job to keep you interested in yours and I intend to do this by giving you dynamic assignments, challenging tasks and rewarding missions. If I do my job right, I might just trick you into doing more for the organization. Besides, the CCA structure as it is gives relief to leaders and allows them to decentralize their command and take ample time off if needed.

    I want to do CTO, but I don't know what's expected of me.

    First and foremost, the curriculum for CI and Training has already been established so these roles are largely set up and ready for applicants. For the medical CTO role you'll need to develop a medical guide. Other than that my main principal is to let you run your department, train your units and execute off of assigned directives from time to time in coordination with other departments. As CTO your main job is to keep your department trained, drilled and ready. If you're utilizing all of your DTO's you'll only need to do a training once every three weeks. If you need more DTO's, you can have them if you train them.

    Most of all my expectation of you is that you care and you have a vision for your department. I don't want to see you take a role without meaning it. You'll quickly find that holding rank affords you nothing over a ground unit. Us commanders get no special toys or privileges, only the power of decision to realize objectives and achieve victory as leaders of a great team.

    I'm inexperienced but want to try one of these roles, but don't want to fail in front of the team.

    We offer two courses on leadership, the Basic Leadership Qualification Course and the Advanced Leadership Qualification Course.

    BLQC is the bulk of all leadership training, focusing on how to establish your authority, command troops and more importantly how to make your team strong and effectively lead.

    ALQC focuses more on strategy, leadership over other leaders and a mix of politics as well.

    These courses are, without a doubt, information overload lectures in one hour blocks each. Leadership can't be taught, only learned through trial and error. But with these courses you can avoid some common mistakes and obtain valuable tools to lead your team.

    You will make mistakes as a leader, but the soul of a good leader doesn't dim when faced with failure. If you can push outside of your comfort zone, realize your mistakes and humble yourself before them, you will undoubtedly be working to effectively improve yourself as not only a person, but a leader.

    Leadership Recruitment

    I need to fill 10 leadership roles as outlined above, with an additional three for a new department coming at month's end. However this does not mean I am desperate to fill these roles. I will not overlook any basic requirements, which are stated below. I will be able to tell if you're not here to work, so please when you apply, do not waste our time.


    Graduate basic training by attending one of the weekly CCA trainings. This helps you obtain a basic knowledge of the CCA and its operations.

    Be able to speak or write effectively in English.

    Be able to listen in on discord VC.

    Be willing to care about your work, to listen to others and learn from their experiences.

    If you meet those qualifications, forum PM me with the following.

    Discord Name:

    Steam ID:

    Time Zone:

    Desired Department & Role:
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