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CCA Class #001 Exit Exam

Discussion in 'CCA Recruitment & Training Materials' started by Ethan, Feb 22, 2020.

  1. Ethan

    Ethan Combine Civil Authority
    Senior Administrator

    Dec 20, 2016
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    Good evening,

    These are the results of the quiz for Class #001.

    I will scrub two questions from the exam, it is obvious I had failed to properly go over these two during training and I don't feel it's fair that these should be applied to your final scores. The scores you get may be at least 5 points higher than what is posted as result. However even in doing so, the people that have failed the exam will not benefit from this to the point of passing.

    The following questions have been scrubbed.


    11 out of 14 candidates have passed their exams and will continue on to their respective factions as full members.

    Class #001 has concluded and resulted in 5 new Units for the CCA, alongside 2 future applicants who will be accepted as full Units if they submit passing applications. 3 recruits from the CCA failed their exam. The AOC gains 3 monitors, alongside their leader who also passed the exam.

    To the candidates who failed the exam.

    Class #002 will begin taking applications as of 2/23/20 for a preliminary training date of 2/29/20. The training date is being moved up from 3/7/20 to accommodate those of us who will be away during that time. You will have to re-attend the training under the revised curriculum and re-submit a revised exam based on the new curriculum.

    I don't think we'll get enough/any applications to make up Class #002 within the following week, so I'll need volunteers to reply below offering to take part of the training. If there are no new applicants, I am fine with this being just a drill for the current units and a make-up course for those that failed the exam.