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C18 Laws

Discussion in 'Combine Civil Authority' started by Strategic, Oct 29, 2018.

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  1. Strategic

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    Mar 16, 2017
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    Minor Civil Violation

    Minor violations incur warnings, however may be supported by other disciplinary actions such as beating or re-education, if the Sociostability Unit deems it necessary. They do not need to be logged.
    1. Littering.
    2. Running/Jogging/Skipping without reason.
    3. Jumping/Climbing without reason.
    4. Complaining. Audio violation.
    5. Cursing/Insulting a Citizen. Audio violation.
    6. Screaming/Yelling without reason. Audio violation.
    7. Speaking in a non-English language/speaking gibberish. Audio violation.
    8. Embracing in public. PDA violation.
    9. Holding hands in public. PDA violation.
    10. Kissing in public. PDA violation.
    11. Possession of low-level non-prescribed Narcotics.
    12. Possession of low-level Contraband.
    13. Trespassing onto Citizen property.
    Malignant Civil Violation
    Malignant violations usually incur beatings or re-education. They must be logged.
    1. Cursing/Insulting a Civil Administration staffer. Audio violation.
    2. Cursing/Insulting a Conscript.
    3. Cursing/Insulting a CCA Unit.
    4. Assault on a Citizen.
    5. Destruction of property.
    6. Sexual intercourse.
    7. Possession of medium-level non-prescribed Narcotics.
    8. Possession of medium-level Contraband.
    9. Sale of low-level non-prescribed Narcotics.
    10. Sale of low-level Contraband.
    11. Trespassing onto City Administration property.
    Anticivil Violation
    Anticivil violations usually incur beatings, re-education, or amputation. They must be logged.
    1. Assault with a deadly weapon.
    2. Murder.
    3. Forced sexual intercourse.
    4. Conspiracy against the Union.
    5. Conspiracy to commit murder.
    6. Protesting.
    7. Spreading anti-Union propaganda.
    8. Possession of high-level non-prescribed Narcotics.
    9. Possession of high-level Contraband.
    10. Sale of medium or high-level non-prescribed Narcotics.
    11. Sale of medium or high-level Contraband.
    12. Trespassing onto CCA property.
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