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Apocalypse Through a Window

Discussion in 'In-Character Area' started by Dr. Death Defying, May 20, 2018.

  1. Dr. Death Defying


    Apr 3, 2017
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    And what might revere such an extravagant creature, something as enigmatic and fierce as an entity that could only wreak such havoc. And to such ends, to which they would not only submit but incarcerate themselves to such horror and lobotomy. It is magnanimous- it is bleak, it is consuming. To which he, in such times, gazed through his little hole in space to look down upon such auroras below him in his pocket of air. The angels that had cast him up to the heavens no longer answered from the land beneath. Storms furrowed in contorted roils as if invoked by a foreign threat; Her immune system trying to purge such a catastrophic virus from her body, yet it could only dwell.

    Uneasy eyes passed one another through the long and drifting catacomb, only able to watch such a battle unfold at such lengths away. Their quest to explore new horizons for their kind and to forge a utopia was foiled as their rooftops and great cityscapes burned like torches against the night. And like moths, they batted themselves against the glass to reach it, to touch its light- except they knew that they would immolate themselves if they did. The skeleton crew of the sky-ship drifted through every space in the cabin to search for any instrument that would allow them to reach out to their spouses, their next of kin and their beloved. Nothing could extend far enough to touch the surface of the scorching earth.

    Such a tragedy lasted for hours as they watched, waited, and suspended the belief of which they were witnessing were true. They cursed their reality, their gods and their forefathers. Yet none of could stop the unnatural disaster from unfolding on their planet forsaken. Missiles of light embarked from tears and ribbons in the fabric of space and shot into speckled landmass, where the city's bright lights could be seen from their port. The light shone in glares, consuming the area in what could only be interpreted as an inexorable blast.

    On the seventh hour, their prayers were answered with an epitaph:

    "Earth surrenders."


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