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AOC/Monitor Overview

Discussion in 'Auditor Observation Corps' started by awesomeguy002, Jan 31, 2020.

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    The Monitors are a somewhat enigmatic, but necessary logistics personnel in the Auditor’s hierarchy of command. Enthusiastic personnel hired to keep Cities at utmost efficiency, these men of the AOC - Auditor Observation Corps - are bureaucratic personnel designed to observe and make notes. Strictly non-combat, they hold a vital position gathering the statistics the Auditor needs and acting upon his orders, being Accountants, Secretaries and Administrative Clerks at once.

    They are their own separate entity, acting upon only the orders of Auditors. They are not CWU, CA or CCA, being their own independent group that is above the scrutiny of City personnel. Their origin is far up the Hierarchy of the Earth Administration’s command, it being unknown whether they were made by the Chairman in response to the quotas needed or were dispatched by the Union in order to gauge where resources were wasted on ineffectual Citizens in unproductive districts and excise them.

    Monitors are strictly non-combat troops. If they are attacked, their best course of action is flight. To deter this, a Monitor might request an escort of CCA personnel. They cannot order this to happen, however, even if it’s in a Squad Leader’s best interest.

    Their responsibilities include, but are not limited to:
    • Record Keeping
    • Surveying
    • Prospecting
    • Monitoring
    • Observing
    • Interrogation
    • Performing Census
    • Analysing Census Data
    • Performing Psychiatric Evaluations on Neurologically Compromised Individuals.
    If it involves statistics, record keeping or finance, it usually involves a Monitor. Monitors are not strictly there to come to other people to help resource their work, they are well within their right to reward Units or Civilians with goods for presenting them with useful data or intelligence. They can also act as an advisor, being there to provide utilitarian, unbiased feedback and critique. Auditors promote giving back in to Districts for their Monitors, as they are within their own right to give Shift Managers and Commanders alike their two cents on a certain situation.

    Another huge responsibility Monitors hold is the responsibility to 'treat' mental patients. While the actual conduct and procedure regarding this is confidential, it can be said that the use of the NID-kit is heavily integrated throughout.

    Monitors are hired not on their experience or education, but on their ability to be egalitarian, stoic and unemotional in their judgement and advice. It is not unheard of for a Monitor to lose their position simply for raising their voice or even by an action such as simple as just smirking. To this end, Monitors are not unheard of to wear masks, Sunglasses or other measures that obscure their face.

    This does not mean a Monitor is a mindless sociopath - quite the opposite, in fact. Sociopaths and Psychopaths tend to be bad picks for Monitors because those disorders cloud their moral compass, making a Monitor act out of the bounds of impartiality and into desires led by sadism or ignorance to proper social or moral conduct. It means that the Monitor simply masks their emotion. Many Monitors tend to have psychiatric problems and depressive disorders due to their inability to express themselves, and usually tend to suffer addictions. This has led to a higher mortality rate in the AOC, as many Monitors overdose on perscription medication or commit suicide. This forced stoicism and suppressed mental anguish is actually considered a somewhat desirable trait, as a suicidal Monitor indicates a Monitor who is more dedicated to his work than his life. Some Auditors are known to be quite sympathetic to their men, and are known to lead secret lives under pseudonyms and secret identities to spend time with them. For every compassionate Auditor, there are four stoic ones. A monitor must constantly try to toe the line, testing where their Auditors really stand.

    Monitors and Auditors usually sleep, dine and wash together. They know their Auditors on a very personal level, and usually have a very healthy, mutualistic relationship. It is unheard of for a Monitor to be outbid, bribed or forced to turn against their Auditors unless a very large incentive was on the line. Though a Monitor are not blindly loyal and would not effortlessly put their life on the line to protect an Auditor, they definitely hold a sense of responsibility and service to the Auditors who help them keep their job and livelihood.

    AOC staff usually reside in wherever the Auditor decides. This can be anywhere to high-class accommodation in renovated 5-star hotels to regular CCA barracks. It is, again - highly dependent on who the Auditor is.

    There has never been a female Monitor or Auditor, and it is highly unlikely that there will be. The Auditor Commandant holds a deeply rooted belief that the sort of close camaraderie that the AOC entrenches in its employees will evolve to romance between Monitors or their Auditors, which will cloud their judgement and cause them to act out of heart, not mind. It is this reason why Women are forbidden to join the AOC.

    Every Monitor is briefed on the Monitor’s Principles - A set of deeply held principles that a Monitor is expected to follow at all times. It is as follows:

    Stoicism and Impartiality

    Every Monitor and Auditor act out of mind, not heart. They are paid and fed on the principle that their conscious, rational mind is in full control at all times. Any hint of anger, any twinge of sorrow is weakness, and any weakness will be quickly and violently uprooted.

    Respect and Egalitarianism

    The Citizens, CCA and CWU are your equals. Offer them all the same respect as you would an Auditor. You are here to serve the Union, and the people are their assets. Don’t let them see the AOC as hardasses, show them you are a decisive, reliable source that will never be led astray from the truth.


    The truth must be delivered, no matter how hard it hurts. This is easy for an Auditor, who understands the necessity of the truth, but any matter of violent, depressed or embarrassed reactions might incur informing the laymen of reality. Know what is at stake - Would you place your heart in your decision, thinking it may be rebuffed? Or will you deliver the truth, knowing it will bring a better future?


    Don’t focus on the Auditors as your leaders, look to the stars. A multitude of dimensions lay at stake, do what is best for your Benefactors, not yourself.


    Monitors are responsible for everything they have said and the consequences that will follow. Believe in justice and what follows, not the opinion of false shepards.


    True Monitors have no reason for cruelty or overemotion. They do not need to prove their strength, their power or position. They are calm and courteous to even their enemies.

    Courage and Diligence

    Hiding in a fortified encampment or Citadel is not working at all. A true Monitor must have heroic courage even if the circumstances are acutely risky. They will live to their name fully and completely, not backing down at any obstacle or deterrence.

    Application will be handled in a separate thread. Post pending.
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