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New Profile Posts

  1. Glocktapus
    Eating shrimp
  2. SaltQueen
    Internet, Yay
  3. llauirescat
    ooga booga, i'm lonely and this is my first post on my profile since I created it feb 23rd 2018
  4. Dfrozen
    Dfrozen Bumblebee Seeds
    Looks like the beast from the depths of hell is back. Don't use your stingers on us please
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  5. llauirescat
    llauirescat Bumblebee Seeds
    The meme machine, and the one thing I fear. Damned bees always try to sting me.
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  6. Pricken
    Pricken Bumblebee Seeds
    tell fooz to add p90 to this server
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  7. Bumblebee Seeds
    Bumblebee Seeds
    Back from the dead and higher than ever.
  8. A Chinese Master Sergeant
  9. Horten-229
    Horten-229 HardHat
    Sometimes, I wish I lived with you (platonically).
  10. HardHat
    HardHat Horten-229
    Doesn’t live together
  11. Matt
    Trippin' thru' time
  12. hamslap
    feel like shoving myself in a crab canister and being fired to the house of the fucker who invented sharting and drowning him in spit.
    1. Lawlman
      Damn, it really do be like that sometimes.
      Feb 2, 2020
  13. Alpha
    Just a guy in the city
  14. Nothing
    kill and maim
  15. Strategic
    Strategic Dashiell
    come back to us we need you
  16. Alpha
    That's how it be on this bitch of an Earth.
  17. llauirescat
  18. VenyX
    VenyX raklo
    raklo come back to us
  19. Wallace
    Huntin' Bugs...
  20. Purple
    le epic dogge has arived XDDDD
  21. Kimiko Steele
    Kimiko Steele
    [Currently on acid please standby]
  22. Bromime
  23. Knrboys⇋HG⇌
    Knrboys⇋HG⇌ hero
    nice prof pic
  24. hero
    can u remove ur negative ratings pls
  25. Strategic
  26. Bob
    doing Freedom shit, fuck Duty tbh.
  27. CP223
    Trying to archive the forums in the Wayback Machine. Any and all help would be appreciated.
  28. Strategic
  29. Binary&Awesomeguy
    Binary&Awesomeguy Fooz
    I found this guy on Grinder and we hooked up, We had a really good time at some ghetto sports bar in the city. The moment I saw this man come into the bar was the moment I knew.... He was the one.
  30. BatmanBro7
    I'm not an alien
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  31. BatmanBro7
    BatmanBro7 Sashlik King
  32. miru ☂
  33. Mr. Attacus
    Mr. Attacus
    This is gonna be my profile picture for now on. If you don't like it then you're a muslim.
  34. hero
    you are dead
  35. Knrboys⇋HG⇌
    Knrboys⇋HG⇌ hero
    226 Negative ratings
  36. Knrboys⇋HG⇌
    hello welcome to my world
  37. Mr. Attacus
  38. Strategic
    Do you remember?
  39. Noodle
  40. hero
    all of you will face what i face now